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Finance, MS, MSc

Finance Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

The Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

The process of writing a compelling personal statement can be both exciting and daunting, especially when applying for competitive programs like Accounting and Finance. This article is a detailed guide, offering insights into how to create a standout personal statement for such courses. We'll break down the elements that make a personal statement impressive while using a real example to illustrate each point.

Begin with a Captivating Opening:

Your personal statement should start with an engaging introduction. Consider sharing your genuine interest in the field of Accounting and Finance. This could be sparked by a personal experience, a moment of curiosity, or an encounter with a related topic. In our example, the student begins by discussing their fascination with Bitcoin and how it led them on a journey of exploration.

Show Your Knowledge and Curiosity:

Demonstrate your passion for the subject by showcasing your knowledge, skills, or experiences that relate to Accounting and Finance. Mention any coursework, books, or projects you've undertaken. In our example, the student discusses their academic studies, reading materials, and public speaking on Bitcoin.

Highlight Relevant Work Experience:

One of the most valuable aspects of your personal statement is your work experience. Whether you've interned at a major accountancy firm, participated in a future talent scheme, or volunteered in finance-related roles, describe how these experiences have enriched your understanding of the field. Our example illustrates how the student gained practical insights from various work placements.

Extracurricular Activities Matter:

Extracurricular activities can demonstrate your well-rounded nature and leadership skills. Share your involvement in student unions, volunteering, performing arts, or any other activities that show you are a proactive and dedicated individual. In our example, the student mentions being a president of the student union and participating in various community-oriented activities.

Conclude with Confidence:

In the final paragraph, wrap up your personal statement with a clear statement of intent. Express your eagerness to further your studies and pursue a career in Accounting and Finance. Highlight your qualities, such as independence, motivation, and critical thinking, that make you an ideal candidate for the program.


Writing an impressive Accounting and Finance personal statement requires a blend of passion, knowledge, and experiences. Use this guide to structure your statement effectively, from the captivating opening to the confident conclusion. By showcasing your genuine interest, relevant experiences, and extracurricular activities, you can create a personal statement that stands out and increases your chances of securing a spot in your desired program. Good luck with your application!

Finance Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
Finance Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
Finance Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
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