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BSW Degree Personal Statement Samples


Statements of Purpose in Undergraduate Social Work

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Working as a social worker for the past 16 years has convinced me that I want to continue in this field. I hope to attain a BA and then an MSW in Social Work. As a profoundly abused child, by the time I became an adolescent, I dreamed of becoming a social worker who could help other children, saving them from horrific situations, helping them to recover, and providing the assistance that came too little and too late for myself, coming full circle, arriving home. At first, I had felt that such a career was beyond my grasp because of my lack of self-esteem that accompanied the psychological and exceedingly physical abuse to which I was subjected. As I matured, however, I realized that my unique background afforded me life experience that others did not have. I chose to become a foster parent in 1990. My heart was filled with so much love caring for this abused and neglected child and providing her with love. My experience as a foster parent has motivated me to work with other abused and neglected children. Read More

My long-term career goal is to become the finest Social Worker possible. Thus, I am applying to the distinguished BSW Program at XXXX University. Your program is my first choice because of its sheer excellence. I was raised by a family that went through repeated periods of crisis during my childhood and adolescence due to issues that took me some time and effort to resolve. The traumatic experiences I endured as a young person helped strengthen me in the long term and guided me to a fulfilling career I can imagine: a social worker. After first earning the BSW, I hope to go on to earn the MSW. Throughout both programs, as much as possible, I look forward to focusing my research projects and practice on the elderly, family services, and children with disabilities since I am seeking a very long and fulfilling career in Social with experience in various areas. Read More

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