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Please tell me everything that you know about 'the author' of this LOR! Name, Title, Office, how long has he/she been in this office, (Rank, Full, Assistant, Professor, etc)?

What is the purpose for which you are using this recommendation? Is if for a residency or fellowship position? In which area of dentistry, for which program, and-or what degree?

Please tell me the nature of your relationship with the author of the LOR, student? research assistant? etc. Provide all relevant additional details, grade received in his/her course, etc.

What do you think the author of this LOR would say about you? Please provide sufficient detail!

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Please send documents, your rough draft, CV or resume, etc. to my email address: drrobertedinger@gmail.com

My price for a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is US$149.00 each, paid for at this link:



It works best if you also provide me with a rough draft, in addition to filling out my Online Interview Form below.

While I would enjoy talking to my clients on the telephone, I need your information in text form . Since I am always working with several different clients at the same time, if I took the information over the phone, I might tend to confuse your stories.


Note: The samples posted on this web site are anonymous and always more than two years old

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