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Social Science | MPA, MS, MSc, DPA, Ph.D. Public Administration Personal Statement Writing and Editing

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Public Administration, MPA, MS, MSc, DPA, PHD

MPA Personal Purpose Statement Editing

Certificate                  Master's Degree: MAMPA, MS, MSc                Doctoral Degree: DPA, PHD

Sample 1st 2 paragraphs MSC International and Public Affiards, MIPA, Hong Kong


Reasons for interest in the MIPA Program: I see your Master’s Degree Program in International and Public Affairs at the University of XXXX as the best fit for my intellectual interests and professional drive and dedication to excel in the areas of international affairs and public relations. As a Chinese woman who was raised in Shenzhen—only one hour from Hong Kong—from the age of 10 until the time that I left for college in the USA, I have been inspired to learn a great deal about Hong Kong and I also speak Cantonese quite well. I have now been studying at XXXX State University for the past 3 years and will be graduating this coming May, 2014 with a degree in Finance from the XXXX College of Business. My minor area of study was International Business & International Studies.

It is my hope that the admissions committee will look favorably upon the fact that I am a Chinese woman, still only 22, who has studying in England as well as the United States. I was especially pleased to participate in our university’s Study Abroad Program and spend three months studying at the XXXX University of London. After completing the exchange program, I travelled around France, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic during winter break (15 days). The principal highlights of this excursion were my visits to the headquarters of international organizations in Europe such as UNESCO, and the OECD headquarters in Paris. I feel very strongly that it is important for someone in my field to travel extensively which is why I also traveled to Thailand last summer for almost 2 weeks.

Sample 1st Paragraph MPA, Chinese Applicant


Your especially distinguished Master’s Program in Public Administration at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons in addition to your location. I especially appreciate the cutting-edge work of your faculty in the area of non-profit organizations, the area in which I look forward to building a lifetime specialization. A young Chinese man born and raised in Oakland, I have been to China and look forward to continuing to build ties with and advance my understanding of the complex culture, California is the center of my world and the community that I wish to serve as a political organizer and promoter of non-profit organizations with a worthy cause.


Sample 1st Paragraph Masters Public Policy, Saudi Arabian


The XXXX School is my first choice to earn the MPP Degree not only because of the global prestige of your institution but also the fact that International Development stands at the center of your concern and mission. The great need that we have in Saudi Arabia for Public Policy education as well as reform is evident in the fact that at the time that I began my undergraduate studies, we did not even have an undergraduate university program in either public administration or public policy, much less a graduate program. For this reason, the nescient Public Administration Department at King Abdulaziz University is providing me with a full scholarship to earn my MPP and PHD in the USA, so that upon completion of my studies I might return to Saudi Arabia to teach Public Administration, Affairs, and Policy. I also tend to spend the balance of my professional life as a front-line activist working towards the reform of public policy in Saudi Arabia so as to make it more efficient, egalitarian, and transparent, thus contributing to social and economic stability in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East.


Sample 1st Paragraph for the MLPA, Leadership in Public Administration


I like to think of myself as a woman distinguished by my kindness and compassion; an outgoing, bilingual Latina with a military background, I hope to earn the MLPA Degree at XXXX University because I see it as the best preparation available for me to advance academically and professionally in such a way as to realize my long-term professional and personal goals.

I see your MLPA Program at XXXX University as the optimal springboard for preparing me to become a world class city planner and social organizer. I aspire within time to participate in the building of a social center that would serve as a base of social support for needy members of the community, abused or neglected children, the elderly, etc. The organization that I envision would provide mentoring programs for children falling behind in school – or through the cracks more generally speaking – helping to build their self-esteem and confidence, teaching life skills and fostering talent in the community. I very much look forward to developing programs focused on companionship and celebration of the arts.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MPA, African-American


Born in Stockton California to a mother from Guyana and a father from Nigeria, I am African-American in the fullest sense of the term, and this is important to my professional as well as personal identity. In fact, my name is Ebony, a name that was given to me by my parents as a celebration of being black, being African. Still 21 years old, I look forward to contributing to the celebration of diversity as a graduate student in your MPA Program at XXXX University, as an African American woman dedicated to the goal of becoming an accomplished public administrator and serving as a role model to other African-American girls and women for generations to come.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MPA, Fighting Corruption


Since becoming involved in research into money laundering, I have become increasingly aware of its key role in enabling the most serious and lucrative international criminal activity. Research is clearly an important part of providing a sound basis for reducing and eliminating such crime but provides no cure in itself. I now hope to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to apply sound research to the end of the creation of effective and practical policies for governments and financial institutions. When I consider the seriousness of the crimes involved, such as human trafficking, drug dealing and illicit arms dealing, I can think of few more important ways in which to do some good in the world which has always been my goal.

Sample Statement of Purpose 1st Paragraph for MPA, Graduate School in Public Administration


My central professional dream is to start a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for the social needs of young people in the city of Camden, New Jersey, my home town. The best way that I can think of to make progress towards this long term professional goals is to begin by earning my Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I hope to be selected to your distinguished MPA Program at XXXX University because of the thoroughgoing and rigorous nature of your curriculum and the progressive ethos of your department, with a concern for social justice and equality issues and a full embrace of diversity.

MPA Singapore, Environment and Water Resources

I am applying to your Master’s Program in MPA-ESP Program at XXXX because I see it as the finest of its kind in the world with the curriculum and research focus that is best aligned with my own long term goals and professional interests in the areas of public service and environmental protection. I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program as someone from Singapore with current experience working with the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. Singapore is the world’s only major city state. Thus, the challenges that we face in Singapore - with no more land to build on and forced to build up or dig down - are of general interest to the rest of the world due to the singularity of our response to a unique situation.

MPA Personal Purpose Statement Editing
MPA Personal Purpose Statement Editing
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