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 I help applicants to Medical School from all over the world. My special interest is in the appreciation of diversity, the basic right of each and every individual in a civilized society to adequate medical care, and forging a brave new world in medical technology and education -  especially prevention. Most of my clients are applicants to MD and pre-medical programs. 

My research shows that medical school admissions committees are dedicated to selecting applicants likely to help improve access to medical care for the underserved. They want to provide the training and experience to those applicants that make a convincing case for their long term goal of helping those with the greatest need. Diversity is a plus. I am convinced that your ethnic background and professional experiences in a foreign country, or volunteer experiences in one's country of origin, are of critical importance to your application. These factors can be powerful assets if they are portrayed in an eloquent essay with an effective structure and agile transitions. I would like to help!

Sample 1st Paragraph:


Born in England, we moved to America when I was 5 and I grew up in suburban Virginia. I am an Indian man much like other Americans, an individualist seeking my own path and challenges. Through a lot of hard work, I have established myself as a highly competent researcher working alongside a professor and a PHD student for 2 years now on the effects of heat on human mortality; and we are well on our way to publication. As an EMT basic, I am pleased to be the first one selected on a run for the ‘underserved’ here in Charlottesville. My other singular and most formative experience so far was my 4-month medical internship with a clinic on the outskirts of Lima Peru. My eyes are now permanently turned south and I am growing as a medical student in two languages, Spanish as well as English.

Sample 1st Paragraph:


Since childhood, it has been my intention to spend my life ‘making a difference’ rather than just making a living, to this end I pursued a bachelor degree majoring in Biology with the intention of qualifying as a physician. I see the medical profession as the field where I can take fullest advantage of my character and aptitudes so as to maximize my service to society. I have sought as much exposure to the world of medicine as possible before and since finishing my undergraduate studies in Biology. This exposure has confirmed my ambition and I am now eager to acquire the skills and knowledge to enable me to practise as a physician.