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MS Finance Personal Purpose Statement, Programming

Updated: Apr 25

I feel confident that I have the academic and professional background that will enable me to excel in the master's degree program in Finance at XXXX University. My experiences allow me to share valuable and relevant insights into fields where I have demonstrated success. Soon, I will have completed the requisite courses for your program at XXXX University, along with a C++ programming course from XXXX College. I look forward to excelling as a programmer supporting ongoing developments in Finance.

It has always been my intention to acquire the skills, knowledge, and experience to enable me to make a highly positive contribution to my employers’ goals. I am increasingly drawn to a field where I can provide direct and measurable benefits to a client base. I am aware that the aging working population creates an urgent need for specialists who can make prudent and profitable investment decisions on their behalf to maximize their retirement income and provide them with life-long security. My professional dream is to become a multi-asset portfolio manager for an investment management company, applying multi-asset strategies in diversified portfolios to maximize risk-adjusted returns while mitigating the downside risk cost-effectively through dynamic portfolio construction models.

Advanced technical knowledge alone will not enable me to achieve my goals, but my unique personal characteristics and traits must complement this. Among these are a highly analytical approach to problems; the ability to think initially and creatively; the willingness to collaborate successfully with a wide range of specialists; and the ability to listen, lead and inspire others. I possess these characteristics and have demonstrated them in my academic and professional careers to date.

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MS Finance Personal Statement Editing, Samples

My recent roles have provided me with considerable experience that I believe is relevant to the program and my goals. My three years working in credit and financial risk management have furnished an understanding of the fundamental importance of active risk management and quantitative analysis. I have worked on the balance sheet's asset and liability sides. I spent two years in a portfolio risk team managing the risk for the loan and lease portfolio of Hyundai Motor America. I oversaw loss forecasting. I applied the knowledge from Econometric classes to interpret the logit models. I was fortunate to work on transitioning from IAS 37 to IFRS9 and ran scenarios for CECL. I am currently Treasury Risk Senior Analyst, managing the liability side risk of the balance sheet and interest rate risk via derivative instruments. I have been allowed to research and implement the hedging program to fix the interest rate exposure and minimize the Profit and Loss volatility.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MS Finance, Programming, Statement of Purpose Example

I was born and raised in Vietnam until the age of 14. Fully fluent in Vietnamese and English. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people from many cultural backgrounds. In the last two years, I have had the opportunity to visit several European countries and was one of ten people invited to visit my employer’s headquarters in Korea. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing knowledge about my cultural heritage; I have volunteered at a Vietnamese Community Center. I am also an enthusiastic yoga practitioner, swimmer, and badminton player.

I am particularly attracted to the master's in finance Program at XXXX University because of the especially distinguished faculty, the comprehensive curriculum range, and its relevance to my aspirations. I seek a challenging but supportive academic environment and look forward to maximizing opportunities for internships that will enhance my exposure to the Finance industry.

Thank you for considering my application to Finance at XXXX University.

MS Finance Personal Purpose Statement, Programming


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