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Nutrition and Dietetics Masters, PHD

Nutrition Personal Purpose Statement
Nutrition Master Personal Purpose Statement

Sample Personal Statement 1st Paragraph

As a student from Paraguay, I hope to contribute to the diversity of ____ University as a graduate student in Nutrition and to learn from my peers from all over the world as well as my professors. My main goal as a dietician would be to improve the lives of individuals by helping them obtain a healthy lifestyle despite their social or economic status, especially in light of the fact that that more than half of Paraguay’s population lives in poverty. ____ University is my first choice for graduate school because it has a higher percentage of international students than any other university in the USA, in addition to the vast intellectual and scientific resources of the surrounding area.

Sample Personal Statement 1st Paragraph

My mother has struggled with her weight at least since she had me if not before as well. There has been a cancer scare, a diabetes diagnoses, and many thousand dollars spent on medications.  Most recently, she had a major weight loss operation.  Throughout everything, there has been minimal nutritional guidance either pre- or post-surgically. As this drama unfolded in my life and took an increasing toll on my entire family, I gradually became less interested in my own career in veterinary medicine, and found myself immersed more and more in the literature in human nutrition. My interest is now such that I am certain that human nutrition is the field to which I want to devote my professional life, building upon the extensive experience that I have in the area of veterinary nutrition. I have known since I obtained my Bachelor’s degree several years ago that I would one day choose to pursue a graduate degree.  I have always craved knowledge and for the last several years, I have become increasingly intrigued by the science of nutrition and herbs and their preventative and curative abilities.  I am very hard working and passionate.  If selected, I believe I would be an excellent student and a successful and inspired graduate of the Master’s in Human Nutrition program.


Human Nutrition and Dietetics Personal Statement Tips

When it comes to applying for Nutrition and Dietetics programs, your personal statement can be a powerful tool to set you apart. However, it's important to avoid simply rehashing the information found in your DICAS application. Here are some key tips to help you write the perfect personal statement that showcases your personality and strengths.

1. Avoid Redundancy

Your DICAS application and personal statement serve different purposes. While your DICAS application highlights your objective qualifications and accomplishments, your personal statement should reveal your personality and passion for dietetics. Don't overshare personal details but provide enough to create a genuine connection with your reader.

2. Eliminate Vagueness

Many applicants make the mistake of being overly vague. Instead of merely stating your passion for dietetics, delve into the specifics. Explain what drives your passion and what experiences have shaped your interest in this field. Providing concrete examples can make your statement more compelling.

3. Showcase Your Uniqueness

To stand out among other applicants, emphasize what makes you unique. Avoid relying solely on being a good student or having a strong commitment to volunteering. While these are commendable traits, illustrate why you're the perfect fit for their program. Admissions committees are looking for candidates who bring something special to the table.

4. Ensure Program Compatibility

Selecting the right dietetics program is crucial. It's recommended to apply to around four programs, according to advice from professors and professionals involved in the selection process. Focus on programs that align with your interests and values. It's essential that you feel a genuine connection with the program, and they see your potential. If a program doesn't resonate with you, it's better not to apply; quality should take precedence over quantity.

5. Address Strengths, Weaknesses, and Goals

In your personal statement, discuss your strengths with confidence. If you're uncertain about your strengths, seek input from friends and family to gain a better understanding of your abilities. When addressing weaknesses, be honest and avoid cliché answers like having no weaknesses or being a workaholic. Instead, share how you're actively working to improve your weaknesses.

Finally, share your short-term and long-term goals as a dietitian. Reflect on what you want to achieve after completing the program and where you envision yourself in 5 or 10 years. Honesty and thoughtful consideration are key when discussing your goals.

In conclusion, crafting the perfect personal statement for dietetics programs requires a balance between showcasing your unique qualities and being authentic. Remember that admissions committees are not only interested in your qualifications but also in your passion, personality, and commitment to the field of dietetics.

Nutrition Master Personal Purpose Statement
Nutrition Master Personal Purpose Statement

Additional Application Material for the PHD in Nutrition


I plan to devote my professional lifetime to the study of cardiovascular disease and its risk markers and why it is on the rise in most low and middle income countries, now accounting for over 31% of global deaths. I look forward to paying special attention in my research to the way in which cardiovascular disease is multifactorial, most particularly how it can but can be prevented or alleviated by good nutrition. I want to closely study how the consumption of fruits and vegetables which contain a bioactive component called flavonoids reduce the risk of several chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease. Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency have also been linked to the pathogenesis of cardiovascular risk markers and the emergence of complications in cardiovascular disease cases. (Ambuj et al., 2015; Harikrishnan et al., 2015). Flavonoids are a family of biologically active polyphenolic compounds found in fruits, vegetables, tea and red wine. I see these issues of nutrition and cardiovascular health to be especially critical in my country, Nigeria, since political violence and the displacement of so many hundreds of thousands have desperately aggravated malnutrition and the pathogenesis of various non-communicable as well as communicable diseases.

Thus, the central aspect of the research that I seek to undertake is to investigate the effects of dietary flovonids and Vitamin D supplementation on vascular health and cardiovascular risk markers through a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that assesses the effect of dietary flavonoids and Vitamin D supplementation on vascular function and cardiovascular risk markers;, the mechanism of action and its bioavailability, and particularly the minimum dosage required to effect a positive change in vascular function.

On completion of the XXXX fellowship, I look forward to contributing to progressive change and economic development primarily in Nigeria, in the areas of nutrition, health, employment and economic empowerment – especially for marginalized communities. In Nigeria, death from malnutrition accounts for 2.77% of total deaths, coronary heart disease 2.82% and strokes 3.66%. I seek simple, low cost, and highly intelligent solutions to combat this great toll, such as encouraging and promoting the production of date fruits at the local level in schools in coordination with simultaneous promotions at state and federal levels. I want to educate everyone that I come into contact with concerning the benefits of dietary flavonoids and Vitamin D supplementation, doing as much public speaking in this area as possible. I look forward to paying special attention throughout my career to women and girls because when you empower a girl you empower a nation. In particular, I want to have a share in encouraging girls in Africa to pursue science, technology and also engineering – particularly with respect to food production but a host of other areas as well.

I want to oversee the development of healthy household snacks as well as meals, especially those geared towards children. I will appeal to the great compassion that women have and their love for their children to get them engaged in this issue through interaction with and mentoring of students in community schools and other places, empowering them to become agents of change.

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