Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Enhancement, Prices and Payment - October, 2021

Economy Service at US$249.00

I have now been drafting/editing Personal Statements or Statements of Purpose on behalf of applicants to advanced education programs for nearly 25 years. A majority of my clients have been applicants for whom English is not their native or first language. If you are not in a big hurry and/or you cannot afford my full, VIP Gold Rush Service outlined below, and you are willing to wait up to 1 week, then you might want to consider my Economy Service. Please note that, at this price, US$249.00, I am only able to spend up to 3 hours with your document, and I refer only to your rough draft, no other information. The length limit for my Economy Service is 1500 words and I do not perform multiple revisions. Finally, and most importantly for many, my Economy Service can take up to 1 week. Please send your draft to my email for approval before making your payment (  I will glance over your statement and if I decide that I can help you, I will send the link for payment to your email. Please make sure that you include everything in the draft that you want to be considered for inclusion in the statement. Your draft can be up to twice as long as the finished product that you want. If you need a 500 word statement, for example, you can send me a draft of up to 1000 words. I am good at condensing information as I have had a lot of practice at it 

Please note: I seldom talk on the phone, as I find it invasive and unnecessary, in fact, counter-productive in the case of my clients since, if I do not have the information in text form, I run the risk of confusing the different stories of the various clients that I am working with at any one time. I need all of your information in text form so that it is front of me when I am working on your file, rather than having to remember the information from a conversation days ago. The whole process works well by email. After I have your information, then I can send additional questions for you to answer as needed. The process may take up to several days to complete even after I have your payment, since I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments.

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I have recently been reorganizing my service in response to a variety of factors. I will soon turn 64 years old very much overweight, and maintaining my health and promoting my longevity requires that I spend nearly half of my time doing some sort of exercise. In fact, I am under strict doctor´s orders to reduce the amount of time that I spend working at the computer. My son David will soon turn 10, my only child, only biological family, and he is barely able to read or write as a result of his learning disorder. I need to radically increase the amount of time that I spend with David as well. Finally, I am also rebuilding some of my web sites with a more competitive program resulting in improved rankings on Google and increased interest in my service. Thus, I became faced with little alternative but to raise my prices.

Personal Statement of Purpose for Graduate School Editing and Enhancement Gold Rush VIP Top Priority Service, US$499.00


If you want my maximum effort and attention, you must pay for what I am calling my Gold Rush VIP Top Priority Service at the price of US$499.00. Only with this plan do you get my strongest effort: not just at editing your material, but doing research as necessary and also providing you with telephone support if you wish - although my service works best by email since I need your information in text form. At US$499.00, I provide a more personalized service, I get to know you better, and think about your application and your statement while I am out exercising. This solves my problem of having too many clients; because most applicants are simply unable or unwilling to spend this much money on their Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Intent, etc. Thus, I am able to work comfortably without pressure and do my very best for each one of my priority clients. For my Priority Gold Rush clients, I provide the option of a final revision after you have had a chance to review the material and add something. I would also be happy to provide you with a second draft, revamped for an application to another, different university - at no extra charge. If you are not in need of a second version of the statement, I can edit your resume or CV at no additional charge upon request.

If you prefer using you can make your payment with the correct button.  Your payment is to my partner Steve Dillon in the UK.

My service is quite different from other statement writing services on the Internet for several reasons. I am solely responsible for producing a statement that you are very pleased with. My partner - Stephen E. Dillon in England - and I are the little guys on the web, not a big business like most of our competitors. You deal directly with me and I answer all of your questions completely free of charge. Steve is my business manager and he supports me with a variety of issues related to our business operations. Thus, I give my clients the option of making their payments on to by using the correct paypal button on either side. Please note that I attend to my clients in the order in which I have received their payments. If you are in a hurry to meet a deadline and in search of priority attention, I ask you to make your payment as soon as possible.  Please feel free to forward the receipt for your payment to Steve on Paypal, to me, at

Please keep in mind that my Economy Service can take up to one week and I only refer to your draft.

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