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HealthCare | SLP Speech and Language Pathology, Communication Personal Purpose Statement Writing and Editing, Professional Service

Graduate School Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, Professional Service

SLP Speech Language Pathology

Sample 1st Paragraph, Bilingual Latina


The Master’s Program in Communication Sciences and Disorders at California State University in XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for a variety of reasons, most of all the location and the sheer excellence of your program. I feel that I am a good fit with your program as a result of my hardworking character, compassionate disposition, and high level of motivation, seeking a rigorous immersion experience in all aspects of Communication Disorders and Speech Language Therapy across the board, especially in older people.

 SLP Speech Communication

I have solid work experience accompanied by extracurricular engagement and I like very much to think that I am especially adept at working with minority populations, since I am myself a bilingual Latina well read in the area of diversity issues and highly experienced in diversity appreciation and multilingual education.

I remember being diagnosed with a speech impediment in the 6th grade and placed in therapy. I acted out in response, showing off, and accidentally banged my head against the corner of a file cabinet requiring stitches. Now, when I draft a statement in SLP, I reflect on that occasion and upon the emotional and psychological sensitivity attached to diagnosis and treatment in this area. My only child David, now twelve, is a special needs child. Thus, I have a lot in common with SLPs and OTs and I especially enjoy helping them to get accepted to graduate school in the helping sciences. I only do my best, taking the time to reflect on your story as well, usually doing some internet research on your behalf.

Most applicants who decide to pursue Speech-Language Pathology do so because they are interested in working with people. The wide scope of practice for a speech-language pathologist allows therapists to work with people in any age range, from infancy to geriatrics. They are also attracted to the career because it serves to improve the quality of life for those with whom they work as well as their family members and friends. In this field, you provide an invaluable contribution, helping others by enhancing their communication abilities.

 An individual pursuing speech pathology must have a true interest and investment in the field.  Graduate school is not easy, it is exhausting and stressful.  If one does not have a true passion for the field, completing this degree will be incredibly difficult. It is critically important that one has a sincere interest in helping people with various speech, language, cognitive communication, fluency, voice, and/or swallowing disorders. Those considering going into the field should also be flexible, patient, persistent, and tolerant. This is because all these characteristics are needed to be successful at performing evaluations and conducting therapy.

I strongly suggest that you gain as much exposure to the profession as possible before applying to a master’s program. Not only will this experience be beneficial when applying and throughout graduate study, but it also may help to shape your eventual career path by providing you with a better sense of what Speech-Language Pathologists do. Take advantage of any mentoring programs offered by your graduate program. Also, don't be afraid to seek advice from others who you may know have already been through the speech-language pathology graduate school process. If you are truly dedicated to building a career in this area, you will find that there are a vast number of opportunities available for clinician practicum placement.

 SLP Speech Communication
 SLP Speech Communication
 SLP Speech Communication

Sample 1st Paragraphs for the Master's in SLP, Speech Language Pathology and Therapy


My otherwise idyllic childhood was colored by the suffering of my grandfather from ALS disease; from the age of 6 on, I watched as he gradually lost his ability to speak, swallow, and eventually breathe. When he became unable to talk to us as before, we all suffered, but we also each made extra effort to help him communicate with us in alternative ways. I trace my choice of career as a Speech Language Pathologist to this epoch of my life, near its beginning, yet setting the stage for my preparation for a lifetime of invaluable service, enriching the lives of clients and their families. It is my conviction that I can do this in the most highly sustainable ways as an SLP professional. I look forward to many decades to come at the service of my community – giving the gift of communication.

I could not be happier to have found my calling already at 22 years old, my lifetime inspiration and focus. For the past several months, I have been completing an internship at XXXX Montessori School with students with developmental challenges - in the first grade – who all have some form of speech impediment. I am especially humbled by and enthralled with children on the autism spectrum and hope to have the profound privilege of dedicating myself to a lifetime of research in SLP with respect to autistic children. I am driven to communicate with them and help them to better communicate with their families. This drive has led me to work hard at learning and improving my American Sign Language as well as my Spanish.

My conviction that my calling lies in Speech-Language Pathology is grounded in the fundamental experience of coming to the USA at the age of 10 years old and having my classmates poke fun at me because I did not speak English well. This experience was quite traumatic and now, as I look back on it, it serves as a constant inspiration for me to strive ever harder to reach my goal of doing all that I can to help children with communication difficulties to learn how to communicate better. Now, in addition to my native languages of Mandarin and Cantonese, I have not only mastered English, but I am also fluent in Japanese. I seek to bring my language skills and great passion for helping children to the study of SLP in multilingual and multicultural contexts.

Born in Brownsville and raised mostly in Harlingen Texas, I am a young Latina who is completely bilingual and bicultural. Since graduating from XXXX University in May of 2013 with a bachelor's in communication Disorders and a minor in Psychology, I have been working professionally in Speech Pathology, mostly with children. I hope to distinguish myself in the future as a scientific investigator as well as a practitioner with a focus on the comparison of bilingual vs. monolingual children with respect to speech challenges.

I see my maximum professional contribution in years to come working in the inner city, especially with disadvantaged children from at-risk homes. For these children, life is difficult enough without a speech impediment that makes it difficult for them to communicate - also resulting in their being bullied in many cases. I will be serving in a hospital, school, or private clinic, but always seeking out and putting priority attention on those who most need my help. Earning the master's degree in Speech/Language Pathology will provide me with the preparation that I need to excel as an SLP therapist, developing long term relationships with special needs children and their families, children that suffer from ADHD, autism, or another disorder that results in communication difficulties.

I have a cousin who was diagnosed as autistic when he was four years old, and it is an awareness of the distress that he and his family suffer that first prompted me to consider a career in communication therapy. This application is made after careful consideration as it is clear to me that it takes a special type of person to treat speech disorders with success; that empathy, determination, and enormous patience are the basis for successful outcomes together with the technical knowledge and skills that I now seek to acquire. I possess the necessary personal qualities and enthusiasm together with the academic potential not only to succeed but to excel in the program and beyond.

I see speech as the foundation of communication and being able to communicate with confidence as the cornerstone of what defines us as human beings. This is why I have fallen very much in love with the study of communication disorders, and I hope to be accepted into your distinguished program so that I have the privilege of giving my all to this field for the next 4 or 5 decades. I am a hard worker and a good—but not exceptional—student so far. The fact that my grades are higher in my Communication Disorder classes than in other classes reflects my dedication to this area of study and the passion that I have for helping some of the most vulnerable and needy members of our community. You will undoubtedly have applicants to your program with better grades and higher GRE scores than mine. Nevertheless, I humbly ask for acceptance based on my great passion for speech therapy and the fact that I already have professional experience in this area working as a speech assistant for Epic Health Services.

I have worked in an educational setting for 6 years now, surrounded by teachers, social workers, psychologists, behavior specialists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists (SLPs). While they have all served as role models each in their own way, it has been toward the SLPs that I have gravitated. The school at which I am currently employed pays tuition expenses for those employees who wish to further their education, thus facilitating my capacity to excel in your program since I will at least not be worrying about how to pay the tuition. I love special education and will be happy forever simply being with my little ones and doing everything that I can to empower them to deal with the lives that await them as adults. Speech-language pathology is the field to which I am most attracted because of the vast opportunity that is presented for having a fundamental role in helping children master the most critical aspect of their lives: communication.

I very much look forward as a young Indian woman who was born in America to contributing to the diversity of your graduate program at XXXX in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Still only twenty-one yet dedicated to lifelong learning, I keenly look forward to many decades of devoting myself wholeheartedly to the study of communications disorders. I am currently taking the pre-requisite courses at XXXX University to receive a certificate in Speech-Language Pathology, and this will be completed this coming December 2013. I strongly feel that, in addition to my current studies, the academic foundation that I have because of earning my BA in Family and Child Sciences from XXXX State University in April of 2012, will enable me to excel in your program, especially in the investigation of family issues in SLP.


Born in the USA to parents from Colombia, and raised in both Williamsburg, MA and Bogotá, Colombia, I think of myself as a White/Hispanic Latina, and I am especially proud of the substantial portion of my DNA that is Native American. Since I went to school in the USA and Colombia, alternatively, this helped me to become fully bicultural as well as bilingual and this is an important part of my professional identity, serving to define my professional goals and aspirations. My greatest strength as an applicant to a master's Program in Speech-Language Pathology is my ability with language: a native speaker/writer of Spanish and English, I am also conversational in American Sign Language, Italian, and French. I take great delight in serving currently as a multilingual SLPA in a multilingual elementary school. There is never a dull moment.

On the golf team in college and high school, I am focused and determined, always trying to listen to the ball and feel where it is going. I am patient, never striking harder than I must, trying to coax the ball and move it softly. Completing my BS in Exercise Science was a natural choice and Exercise Science provided me with an incredibly useful foundation upon which to build as a health care professional. I have been working since my graduation at a Rehabilitation Hospital with patients that have a broad variety of debilitating conditions including but not limited to Stroke, Brain Injury, Parkinson's, Spinal Cord, Huntington's, and MS. For the past two years, interacting with and supporting many different professionals, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc., it has been the Speech Therapist that has most grabbed my attention and earned my respect. Thus, I am now applying for a master's program in Speech-Language Pathology through CDCAS so that I may give my professional life to the cause of helping people with physical afflictions to communicate verbally at the highest level that is within their reach.

Effective communication is the central key to having a healthy social life. Human speech, therefore, stands at the center of all forms of participation in social life, everything for which life is worth living. It is our duty as an advanced society to help those who need it to overcome their language or vocal difficulties. This is why I hope very much to be accepted to your highly esteemed Master’s Program in SLP at ____ University so that I can become the very best speech and language therapist possible in my native Hong Kong where there is a great need for speech therapists who want to help the poorest and most vulnerable sectors of our society. 

I am a young Chinese woman who is now firmly established in California, and I seek to respond to the need in the Bay Area for multilingual speech and language therapists. My greatest assets are my language skills and my great passion for serving my community, especially the most vulnerable among us and in particular multilingual children with communication challenges. I speak four languages, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese. I first fell in love working with kids as a kindergarten teacher in Japan. I especially adore working with this age group and hope to continue to study and focus on children for the balance of my professional life.

A healthy, stable, typical young white woman from Wisconsin, still only twenty-two, I have worked hard to achieve close to an intermediate level in conversational Spanish as well as ASL because I want to help people, children in particular, to learn to communicate effectively so that they will have fuller and richer lives. My short-term goal is to excel in your distinguished program at ____ University, which is my first choice due to the comprehensive character of the curriculum and the diversity of the student body. After graduation, I want to work with students from pre-k to secondary in a school district that has an option for early intervention. I love working with children from birth to 3 and their families, the younger they are the more I find the challenge especially engaging.

Now 21 years old and a citizen of the USA, I was born in my native Ecuador and raised there until the age of six, so, I remember enough of it to be able to consider myself fully bicultural as well as bilingual. This is a great asset in New York where so many of those who are underserved by our health care and educational resources tend to speak little to no English. I want very much to give my life to children, developing a special focus on the little Latinos and Latinas who have communication problems, particularly those whose parents are undocumented.

I could not have greater confidence in my ability to hit the ground running and distinguish myself as a graduate student in your Speech and Language Pathology Master’s Degree Program at XXXX University, for several reasons. I will graduate from the University of XXXX this coming May 2017 in Communication Sciences and Disorders and I am currently enrolled in Diseases and Disabilities, Audiologic Rehabilitation, Introduction to Speech Disorders, and Beginning Spanish. My confidence is grounded in my sheer enthusiasm, resulting from my extensive experience as a volunteer working with – and falling in love with – children with learning disabilities and communication disorders.

I'm still twenty-three, and only recently have I found my calling, working with individuals with communication disorders, because of my volunteer work with the Aphasia Community Partner Program. Increasingly, I find special joy in helping older patients, those who have been victims of a stroke, to speak again and communicate as before with their loved ones. I see no more noble work on the planet, and I have made it my own with great passion and dedication. I am also experienced as a researcher in this area. My role on our research team is to transcribe aphasia therapy sessions, providing me with an excellent opportunity to learn a great deal about common assessment and therapy procedures.

A Mexican American woman born and raised in Southern California, I take pride in my celebration of diversity and treasure the wonderful experiences that I have had traveling abroad and getting to know foreign cultures and languages. While studying for my BS in Nutrition, I spent 3 months in Japan participating in an exchange program. I would return to Asia later as an EFL Teacher, spending 9 months in China. In New Zealand, I stayed for 6 years working as a Health Promoter for the New Zealand government. After English, I speak Spanish best, since my mother is Mexican. However, I am also able to communicate increasingly well in both Mandarin Chinese and American Sign Language. My ability to communicate in multiple languages, particularly Spanish and Chinese, gives me great hope that I may be selected for your competitive and especially distinguished program in Speech-Language Therapy at the University of ____.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology, SLP

Now 25 years old, I have been working with children with special needs children, most of them on the autism spectrum, since I graduated from high school. Every day that I go to work, I find myself more impatient to get there, to be with my children. Each day I find them increasingly fascinating, and I love them increasingly. For several years I have been learning a great deal by working with and supporting a variety of professionals involved in the care and education of special needs children: social workers, occupational therapists, etc. I see the speech therapists that I have had the opportunity to closely observe and support over the years as the professionals who make the most singular contribution to these vulnerable little people.

Learning to speak is at the center of our struggle to give all that we can to these children to help them communicate as much as possible, opening doors and windows of communication that will determine the extent to which they will communicate throughout their lifetime. I find myself reading about children on the Autism spectrum even in my free time. I could not be more engaged with the communication challenges that present themselves for these children and I could not be more excited to take up this challenge and further prepare myself professionally by earning the master's degree in your particularly distinguished program in Speech-Language Pathology at ____ University.

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