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Social Science | Social Work Personal Purpose Statement Examples, Writing and Editing Service, MSW, DSW

Graduate School in Social Work Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, Professional Service BSW, MSW, DSW, Ph.D.

MSW Graduate School in Social Work Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

Sample 1st Paragraph, Statement of Purpose for the MSW Degree


In my current professional position with Creative Interventions Inc. I provide case management services to youths in a broad variety of circumstances, helping them to cultivate age-appropriate functioning in their social environments. I have now been a social worker since 2006 and this is the best time for me to excel in graduate school, at the optimal point in my life with the right combination of maturity and professional experience in multiple social work settings. My current employment position, spending most of my time with troubled youth at risk has inspired me to reach out to new levels of professional responsibility where I might be able to do more to help those for whom I labor.

Sample1st Paragraph for the MSW Degree in Social Work, African-American Woman.


Now 42 years old, I have given the bulk of my professional life and energy so far to becoming a Certified Respiratory Therapist and giving my all to my chosen field for the past decade. As I have matured and grown over these last 10 years since earning my certification, I have increasingly become interested in 2 things, children and social work. Therefore, I seek a career change in midlife because I have come to believe that it is my calling to protect at-risk children in my community. After earning the MSW and becoming a social work professional, I look forward to spending the balance of my life working to protect and support at-risk children in our inner city. I am a product of the inner city myself, African-American, raised in a single-parent home, my father an alcoholic and drug addict. Gang raped at 12, I ran away from home at 13, dropped out of school in the 10th grade, and was arrested shortly after turning 18. I understand the struggles faced by young people in the inner city and I want to dedicate my life to helping to protect them.

Sample 1st Paragraph for a DSW Program in Social Work


I hope to be considered for entry to the DSW Program at the University of XXXX due to my extensive and relevant experience and long tradition of engagement with veteran services and diversity issues, especially as concerns the Native American community with which I have extensively involved since 1997, when I began serving as a volunteer Sergeant at Arms, promoting the well-being, interests and agenda of tribes and tribal entrepreneurs.


Sample 1st Paragraph for the MSW, Foster Care, Racism, Confusion, Drug Addiction


My life has been formed in profound ways by the fact that my mother did not even remember giving birth to me, one of the hundreds of thousands of ‘crack babies’ born in America since crack came into widespread use. Black pimp father, and a white drug addict mother, I do not remember foster care since I was only there until I was two months old and my aunt took charge of me. This is how I came to understand where I came from, bits and pieces put together from my aunt’s stories. My mother tried to rekindle a relationship with me from time to time but did so trying to convince me to hate my aunt, who I called mom. The confusion and emotional abuse of my childhood were greatly compounded by the fact that my mother’s family hated black people, yet I was black too. Thus, while I did not grow up in foster care, I am from the kinds of surroundings and traumatic environments that frequently result in children being put into foster care today. As I see it, this is my foremost qualification for entrance into your distinguished MSW Program at XXXX University, consonant with your mission of service to the most vulnerable members of our community, giving voice to the voiceless.

Sample 1st Paragraph for the MSW


Having recently graduated with honors, earning my BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology, I feel strongly that going to graduate school in Social Work is a very natural choice for me to make. I am also especially excited about beginning my studies towards the MSW Degree as a result of my current volunteer position for an institution that provides comprehensive youth services, including mental health and crisis counseling for homeless and runaway youth, academic and legal support, as well as recreational activities.

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the MSW Degree, African-American Man, Community


I feel very strongly that social workers are among the community’s most important members, serving as bridge and outreach to our most vulnerable members, those who most need our support. This is particularly true for the African-American community with its troubled past that helps to explain the high incidence of poverty and why there are roughly as many young black men of college age in prison as there are in college. A black man, now 45, I have been involved in the black struggle and black issues my entire life, which will help me to excel as an MSW professional working with black people in particular, especially boys and young men.

My family has a rich tradition of community service; my maternal grandmother Gladys Coley worked tirelessly as a civil rights worker. My uncle is a social worker in Connecticut; an aunt is currently serving as a city commissioner in the community where I grew up in Georgia and a second aunt retired as a social worker in this same community. My mother was chairperson of an organization called Ebony in Action, dedicated to social justice causes and helping minorities to attend college.  

Sample 1st 2 Paragraphs for the MSW Degree, Incest Victim


Now 42 years old, I have only remembered for a little more than a decade the gruesome details of the abuse to which I was subjected as a child at the hands of my biological father: physical, emotional, sexual; constant and always violent it continued for many years. By the time I reached my late 20s, the memories came flooding back in and it took me years to turn tragedy into triumph: to understand, reflect, and heal.

Thus far I have enjoyed success as a certified massage professional after earning my BA in Art, with an emphasis in painting and printmaking, from California State University, Chico in 2000. In 2002, I received my certificate from the Dahan Institute of Massage Studies in Las Vegas NV. This past January of 2016, I began serving as a volunteer working with girls who have been victims of sexual trafficking. My passion for healing, my own difficult history, and my recent experience of helping young women and girls that have been victimized, raped, battered and sold, fills me to the extent that I never thought possible: mission, vocation, and redemption. Thus, I feel that I have much to give to an MSW program so that I can contribute most fully to this work of protection and redemption.

MSW Social Work Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
MSW Social Work Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
DSW Social Work Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

Social work is a profession that focuses on enhancing human well-being and helping meet basic and complex needs of all people, with a particular focus on those who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty 1. Social workers help clients deal not only with how they feel about a situation but also with what they can do about it. They create opportunities for assessment and intervention, to help clients and communities cope effectively with their reality and change that reality when necessary.

There are many reasons why people choose to become social workers. Some enter the field because of personal experiences in their own lives, such as facing poverty, violence, discrimination, or mental health issues, and they want to use those experiences to make a difference in the lives of othersOthers are drawn to the profession because of its diversity, satisfaction, and variety of options 1Social workers help relieve people’s suffering, fight for social justice, and improve lives and communities.

Social workers can be found in hospitals, schools, community health centers, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and drug and alcohol centers, among other places They provide direct services or therapy directly to clients, guide people to critical resources, counsel them on life-changing decisions, and advocate for change to improve social conditions and strengthen the social net.

Some of society’s most notable helpers were social workers. Jane Addams, the founder of the social work profession, Frances Perkins, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, and Dorothy Height and Whitney Young, both civil rights legends, were all social workersThey made great contributions to our society during some of our most troubling times and set a great example for our commitment to advocacy, social justice, and helping individuals, families, and communities who need us most.

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