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PHD Public Policy Finance and Economics Personal Purpose

Updated: Jan 17

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Statement of Purpose for the Ph.D. in Public Policy, Finance and Economics

The University of XXXX is my first choice among Ph.D. programs in Public Policy for several reasons, most of all the sheer excellence and stellar reputation of the program and the university. I see UXX as the ideal atmosphere for me considering my intellectual interests and how I thrive on celebrating diversity and interdisciplinary analysis. I look forward to decades to come with the total engagement possible with social policy questions involving issues of equality and entrepreneurship.

Earning my Ph.D. at an incredibly comprehensive and rigorous program such as UNC will help broaden and enrich my research expectations and a general understanding of modern policy problems. The College of Arts and Sciences Public Policy Program faculty are engaged in areas of research interest that dovetail nicely with my interests. In the College of Arts and Sciences Public Policy Program faculty, I have read various research papers by faculty members, including Assistant Professor XXXX, Distinguished Professor XXXX, and others. I find their innovative research and dedication to the field inspiring and encouraging.

Public Policy rests upon many pillars and depends upon many disciplines to elucidate its mysteries and direct its course. Finance and Economics are critically crucial to Public Policy, and I know these areas best, having earned a Master´s Degree in both fields. Throughout the last few years, my desire to contribute to progressive social change to improve our society has grown, intensifying. I hope to make my mark with sound and creative ideas for economic development in the public interest.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Ph.D. Public Policy, Finance, and Economics, Policy Issues

I want to make a prolonged and extremely critical examination of discrimination - based on gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity and how it impacts the well-being of those affected. I look forward to exploring the complex relationships between citizenship, national identity, and equality. With my academic background in Finance and Economics, I have discovered that the issue of inequality has become a focus of great discontent with the way that global policies better favor some nations more than others, resulting in significant disparities between rich and developing countries.

In partial fulfillment for a Master of Arts in Economics, I conducted extensive research on poverty and gender in Africa, resulting in a thesis entitled Economic tools used to fight Poverty and Gender inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa. This thesis helped me further identify various policy factors responsible for economic and social disparities in this region. Through my research, I discovered tools that may be used to fight the scourge of discrimination, such as creating transcontinental or interregional frameworks. If we can find better ways to improve overall global policies, we may find better solutions for some of our inequality problems at home, especially in economics. We might also be able to identify policies that enhance entrepreneurship, therefore creating a platform for a higher employment rate.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Ph.D. Public Policy, Finance, and Economic Policy Issues

I hope to spend decades assiduously searching for solutions to challenges or impediments to enacting more progressive global policies that would better address inequality, poverty, and unemployment, leading to greater justice and fairness. A proactive individual, I am determined to put in as much effort as necessary to contribute my share to making society a better place. I hope to consider how improved social programs can enhance public financing and alleviate territorial disparities in my research. I hold a bachelor's degree in business administration with a concentration in International Business and a master's in economics. I have experience as a graduate assistant at XXXX University in Tennessee and The Center for Regional Development in XXXX. I am highly dedicated to public service and societal welfare; because of these factors, I am an excellent fit for this program.

I am confident that my earnest academic and research aspirations will become a reality with your kind consideration of my admission into this program. I expect that you will find in me a person who gives his best in all challenging environments, utilizing my knowledge, skills, and resources for the mutual betterment of society.

Thank you for considering my application.

PHD Public Policy Finance and Economics Personal Purpose


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