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Pediatric Surgery Resident in her Fourth Year


This article follows the journey of a PGY-4 surgical resident in her fourth year. With newfound responsibilities as the chief resident of a pediatric surgery team, the resident experiences a mix of excitement and nerves as they navigate the challenges of leading a service. What follows sheds light on the unique experiences, emotions, and growth that come with being a surgical resident.


The first day of a fourth-year residency is a significant milestone for any medical resident. As the chief resident of a pediatric surgery team, the resident finds themselves stepping into a new leadership role, overseeing the care of young patients. Although nervous, they are eager to embrace this challenge and provide the best possible care for each child under their supervision. The weight of responsibility feels heavy, but the desire to be a skilled and thorough doctor drives them forward.


Amid the expectations and admiration that surround doctors, it is essential to acknowledge that even physicians face moments of self-doubt. This surgical resident candidly shares that there are times when they do not feel smart, successful, or motivated. However, they emphasize the importance of finding individual coping mechanisms to navigate these moments. By acknowledging the difficulties of their profession, they strive to be resilient and maintain a positive outlook on life.


One of the greatest challenges for the resident is managing the gravity of pediatric cases. Each patient is precious, and as a pediatric surgeon, the responsibility to provide exceptional care is palpable. The resident's fear of missing crucial details is understandable, considering the vulnerability of young patients. Their determination to be a thorough and attentive doctor demonstrates their commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes.


As the previous chiefs are no longer present to guide them, the surgical resident realizes that they must navigate this year independently. Despite this transition, they remain resolute in making their way through the intricate world of medicine. The challenges ahead may seem daunting, but residents take the initiative to grow and overcome each obstacle they encounter.


As they complete their first day as a fourth-year resident, the surgical resident reflects on the unique aspects of this stage of training. Unlike earlier years, the fourth year emphasizes patient care and operating, allowing the resident to focus more on the aspects they are enthusiastic about. By collaborating with an intern and a third year, they gain valuable experience and contribute to shaping the next generation of surgeons.


While the focus of this article is on the surgical resident, it briefly mentions the excitement of an anesthesia intern. Their experience is a great mix of direct practical work and cerebral problem-solving. With minimal charting responsibilities, they are eager to embrace the challenges and rewards of their profession.


During busy days, the resident takes short breaks to recharge and finds solace in the simple joys of life. Whether it is taking time to eat, relax, or exercise, they recognize the importance of self-care and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


The life of a surgical resident is a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and growth. As they embark on their fourth year, they face the responsibilities of leading a pediatric surgery team with determination and trepidation. Despite moments of self-doubt, the desire to be the best doctor for their patients keeps them going. This article provides valuable insights into the life of a surgical resident, demonstrating their commitment to improving and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of medicine.

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