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usiness & Technology | Business Administration Personal Purpose Statement Examples,
Professional Writing and Editing Service, BBA, MBA, DBA, PHD

Graduate School Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing, Professional Service

Business Administration, BBA, MBA, DBA, PHD

Graduate School Business Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

Bachelor's BBA, BS, BSc,                          Master's MBA, MS, MSc,                          Doctorate DBA, PHD

 Business Administration
Graduate School Business Statement of Purpose,Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
Graduate School Business Statement of Purpose, Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing
Graduate School Business Personal Statement Samples, Statement of Purpose Writing and Editing

Sample 1st Paragraph, MBA Sustainable Business and Innovation 

I earned my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering. As I have matured, however, I have realized that my passion lies much more in the direction of environmental than civil engineering, given my profound appreciation for everything clean and green. Most specifically, I want to focus on innovation and do so from the perspective of business so as to make that innovation as sustainable as possible. Thus, I feel strongly that I am an especially good fit with the distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Sustainable Business and Innovation at XXXX University.

Sample 1st Paragraph, MBA Marketing 

I see the field of marketing as a bridge between product and consumer, the life blood of business, and the glue that binds them together. Hence, I have chosen the career path of becoming an expert in the area of consumer perceptions. A young Indian woman, curious and creative, I want to think outside the box about marketing and come up with creative solutions for novel problems. Hence, I hope to be selected to my first choice for graduate school, the MSc Program in International Marketing at XXXX University.

Sample 1st Paragraph, DBA Applicant, Older

I am a highly experienced manager in financial services and wish to apply my substantial and hard-won knowledge and skills to teaching and research at the highest level. With this end in mind, I am seeking to join the doctorate program. I realize that I am not a typical applicant being 56 years of age but feel that I can bring highly relevant insights and ideas to the program borne of the length of my working life and the variety of roles that I have undertaken during it. I have been involved in numerous research projects during my working life and feel that I have the characteristics required of an excellent researcher. I have also mentored and tutored junior staff for much of my career and greatly enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills and encouraging others to fulfil their academic and career potential. 

MBA Application Personal Statement Tips


When it comes to your MBA application, one pivotal element stands out: the personal statement. Almost all MBA programs require you to answer a crucial question: "What are your goals, and why do you need an MBA from our school?" This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive guide on constructing a thoughtful and detailed response that convincingly demonstrates your alignment with the chosen program. Failure to convey this fit could jeopardize your chances of securing a spot.

Deconstructing the Essay Question (Applicable to All Programs)

Let's examine Wharton's 2022-2023 application essay question, which serves as a practical example. Keep in mind that these insights are applicable to any school requesting a personal statement. Wharton's question is as follows: "How do you plan to use the Wharton MBA program to help you achieve your future professional goals? You might consider your past experience, short and long-term goals, and resources available at Wharton in 500 words."

This essay naturally divides into three components: your past, present, and future.

Establishing Context (Approximately 90 Words)

Initiate your personal statement by providing context. Offer insights into your professional journey, highlighting pivotal experiences that have brought you to this point. The goal is to create a foundation upon which your future aspirations rest. Instead of merely stating your goals, provide the reader with an understanding of your career trajectory. In this sample, the applicant transitioned from banking to private equity in Asia, emphasizing adaptability and contribution abilities.

Articulating Future Goals (Approximately 90 Words)

After shedding light on your past, shift your focus to your future aspirations. Clearly outline your short and long-term goals. In this sample, the applicant intends to return to investing in America, specifically focusing on industrial innovation. Ensure that your short-term goals logically connect to your long-term objectives, presenting a feasible path forward. Make your ambitions significant, ambitious, or prestigious to demonstrate that you are a potential successful alumnus.

Showcasing Program Alignment (Approximately 320 Words)

Devote the majority of your essay to explaining why your selected program, in this case, Wharton, is the perfect fit. Demonstrate thorough research on the program by showcasing your knowledge of its offerings, majors, courses, and opportunities. Your aim is to illustrate how the program uniquely aligns with your objectives. Instead of just listing features, explain how these aspects will enrich your experience. This applicant attended a class at Wharton and recognized the benefits of its learning team model. The more depth you provide, the more sincere your interest appears.


Creating an impactful MBA personal statement requires careful thought and strategic planning. Your goal is to demonstrate thorough research of your chosen program, highlight how your past experiences have shaped your goals, and provide a clear, logical trajectory from your short-term to long-term aspirations. Utilize this guide as a resource to craft an authentic narrative that sets you apart from other applicants. If you need further assistance, consider seeking professional guidance from organizations experienced in helping applicants succeed. Your MBA journey begins with your personal statement—make it count.

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