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Sample 1st Paragraph for the MPH Degree, Dentist from Bangladesh


A dentist from Bangladesh, 29 years old and currently living here in the USA, I hope to earn the MPH Degree here in America so as to better understand the mammoth challenges that we face in Bangladesh with respect to public oral health care, mostly the lack thereof. I am from the front lines with fresh experience in a government hospital where care is free for those who have no means to pay for their treatment. By the time their number came up to finally see me after waiting for weeks, months, many were well on their way towards death and for many more there was simply nothing that I could do as a result of our total lack of resources - other than plead with them to cease using tobacco products. I operated on as many as I could, sometimes dozens a day, and treated a lot of infections.


Are you considering applying to an MPH or DrPH Degree?

One crucial component of your application is the personal statement, which provides admissions committees with insight into who you are and why you're a great fit for the program. Let's break down how to craft a compelling personal statement.

Introduction: The Why

Begin your personal statement with a powerful introduction that includes your esperience in Public Health. Start by sharing a personal anecdote or a story that illustrates why you're passionate about your chosen field. It's not just about telling; it's about showing your commitment. For example, discussing how your upbringing in a particular community inspired your career goals can be impactful.

Reflect on Experiences

Rather than simply listing your experiences and accomplishments, reflect on what you've learned from them. How have these experiences shaped your perspective and your desire to pursue further education? Whether it's volunteer work, internships, or personal challenges, focus on the lessons and insights gained.

Community and Giving Back

Highlight your commitment to your community or a cause you care deeply about. Admissions committees often value applicants who show a dedication to making a positive impact. Share instances where you've contributed to your community or worked towards social change. This demonstrates your readiness to use your education for the greater good.

Overcoming Barriers

If you've faced obstacles or challenges, briefly mention them. However, avoid dwelling on negative experiences. Instead, emphasize how you've overcome these barriers and grown stronger as a result. The goal is to showcase resilience and determination.

Connecting with the Program

Explain why you're interested in the specific program or institution. Mention particular courses, professors, or resources that align with your academic and career goals. Show that you've done your research and that you believe this program is the right place for you to achieve your aspirations.

Conclusion: The Vision

In your conclusion, tie everything together. Reiterate your passion for Social Work and your desire to contribute positively to society. Leave the reader with a sense of your vision for the future and how the progrm you're applying to will help you to achieve it.

Remember, your personal statement should be a reflection of your unique journey and aspirations. Make it personal, compelling, and well-structured, and you'll stand out to admissions committees.

Public Health MPH Statement of Purpose
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