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Hong Kong, MS Finance, Real Estate, Chinese Financial Analyst

Updated: Jan 24

Being admitted to and completing the Master of Finance Program at the XXXX School will provide me with the cutting-edge foundation and breadth of scope I seek. It would be a great honor to earn my Master’s at the XXXX School, given its outstanding reputation internationally. I like the fact that your program is described as one of action and what international companies are looking for. I now have a full year of experience in asset management and investment banking. Upon graduation from the XXXX School, I look forward to many decades of serving the global community as a Financial Analyst, growing in my field step-by-step, in time becoming an Associate and perhaps later an Associate Director or maybe even a VP.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate and Development because I look forward to a lifetime professional focus on Real Estate as a finance professional. Working for a company like Realty Income Corp. based in San Diego would be ideal, serving on the cutting edge of investment and managing real estate portfolios. I look forward to learning all I can think about investment banks, private equity, and asset management companies. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I thrive with everything international and have long paid close attention to Hong Kong corporate developments linked to corporate cultures spanning the globe.

I ask for special consideration, given my less than stellar GPA, given that I did pretty well in the courses that are most closely related to the area that I now seek to pursue. I look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate my capacity to excel as a graduate student in your program.

I strongly feel that I have a sense of finance and am good with business strategy formation and review. I have my stock portfolio investments in various stocks in different areas. I stay up on stock market news every day. I also look forward to additional study in Business Psychology and how it relates to the economy in our troubled times.

I see the program at the XXXX School as the finest of its kind in my area and the most rigorous, the optimal springboard for launching my career forward in these difficult times of coronavirus and economic downturn.

Earning my B.S. in Real Estate & Development in June 2019 has been my most meaningful adult life experience. I thrive at my best in planning and development, economic theories and their relationship to the real estate market, and strategies for managing and enhancing portfolios.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, one of the world's most dynamic real estate markets. My mother language is Cantonese, but I am also a native speaker of Mandarin. I have visited Italy, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam for a significant time, traveling, studying, and learning about new cultures.

I immensely enjoy my current position in a real estate investment firm as Optional Practical Training; it is part of the f-1 visa that allows me to work for one year after completing my undergraduate degree.

I thank you for considering my application to Finance at the XXXX School.

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