LLM, Criminal Law, National Security, Military Background

Born and raised in Ohio and now settled in Miami, Florida, the military always has and always will be my life in many important ways. I am myself a soldier and would still be serving in the armed forces if it were not for the fact that I was injured. My husband is a combat veteran and my father and grandfather were also veterans. As African-Americans, the military has served as a vehicle of service and social recognition for us, as well as economic survival for three generations. I am very proud of my roots and those soldiers in my family who went before me. I am now preparing for exciting, new, career directions as a result of earning the LLM Degree with a focus on National Security, the area that I have identified as best making the most out of my strengths and experience and also where my greatest passion lies.

Obtaining the LLM in National Security will give me the opportunity to combat terrorism and help to prevent potentially devastating attacks against the US. The National Security LLM Degree program at Georgetown University is my first choice because of its sheer quality, scope, and excellent international reputation. I also very much admire the fact that Georgetown hosts the National Security Law Review. As a result of my clerkship experience, I am experienced at in-depth legal research and writing and have come to enjoy it very much. One of the highlights of my life so far has been assisting a judge in researching, drafting, and editing legal opinions.

At the center of my intellectual interests stand national security, surveillance, intelligence, and the intelligence community; and it is in these areas where I spend most of my free time reading – particularly about intelligence gathering and the parameters of 4thamendment and domestic surveillance. I hope to build a career in support of prosecution, thus I feel drawn to special effort and attention to these areas so as to build my expertise in how evidence can and should be acquired and evaluated. I am also greatly intrigued by the full gambit of subjects in law offered by Georgetown and could not feel more excited by the prospect of getting started making progress towards my LLM.

I keenly look forward to a full immersion experience at XXXX in international law in its social, economic, and political contexts. I am committed to a professional lifetime of service to the US government and in order to make my greatest possible contribution, I feel strongly that I need the kind of cutting-edge academic experience in foreign affairs offered by the LLM Program in National Security at Georgetown. Working as a judicial law clerk has given me the opportunity to continually progress in my ability to research and frame strong legal arguments; and I believe that this will enable me to hit the ground running and excel in your program.

I have long been interested in criminal law and spent my internships doing criminal law work. I received several of my highest grades in this area (both international and US criminal law) writing papers about US prosecution of torture committed in a foreign country and the constitutionality of the US Patriot Act. Through this research I was able to learn more about the Act's purpose, scope, and the debates and controversies surrounding the Act. Hence, the centrality of my dedication to the subject of criminal prosecution and its relationship to national security.

My ideal job would be to serve in the National Security Division of the Department of Justice, dealing with foreign policy and national security matters. Most specifically, I hope to contribute to the investigation and prosecution of national security crimes, including money laundering and terrorism financing.

I joined the Marine Corp to help protect my country. Now as a Veteran, I would like to continue my service by working in prosecution towards the end of protecting national security. I have worked for the federal government for approximately 6 years now as a Federal Judicial Law Clerk and I seek professional advancement.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

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