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LLM Business Law Personal Statement Examples

Updated: Apr 15

A young, moderately successful lawyer in Italy, I seek an expansion of my education and capacity to help people do business safely in Europe, especially Italy, and, in fact, globally. I also keenly look forward to helping Italian companies to compete more successfully in the global marketplace. Thus, I hope to be accepted to your LLM Program in International Business Law at XXXX University. XXXX University is my first choice among LLM Programs in International Business Law for several reasons, most of all the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that I feel like my interests are a good fit with your curriculum. Finally, I appreciate your institution's location and the surrounding area's extensive intellectual and academic resources.

I am most happy with what I have achieved academically and professionally; I enjoy practicing law very much. Nevertheless, I now need to expand my career to an international stage. All my clients are my neighbors, people like me who were born and raised in Italy. I crave learning and practicing at the international level for intellectual satisfaction and growth alongside additional professional opportunities. Since studying law and becoming a practicing attorney in the south of Italy, I feel that our profession has failed to become sufficiently international in thinking and action. I hope to compensate during my professional lifetime by addressing this weakness. As I see it, Italian law firms do not appear to have much of an international vocation, and strongly that this needs to change. Lawyers in Italy need to broaden their horizons and professional perspectives as befits our profession and economic development in the era of globalization.

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I am convinced that the economic prosperity of my country is at stake, threatened by, among other things, a lack of competitiveness of Italian companies concerning global markets. I hope to safeguard the economic well-being of my society by helping to make Italian companies more competitive on the international stage. I am convinced that Italy’s products and services are underrated and underpriced globally. Part of this problem can be addressed by increasing internationalization among members of Italy’s legal profession, a cause to which I hope to contribute down the road.

For some time now, I have been working to improve my English and have made a lot of special efforts in this regard this past year. I am fully dedicated to working towards complete mastery of English because this is our international language, and I seek international communication and commerce opportunities.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
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I look forward to deepening my knowledge of comparative legal systems and common law, especially those legal principles that sway international commercial transactions. As a student in your program, I look forward to interfacing with areas of law that have long stimulated my curiosity, especially topics in business law and intellectual property, fields that I see as still in their academic infancy in Italy.

Thank you for considering my application.

LLM Business Law Personal Statement Examples


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