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LLM International Business Law, Compliance, European

Updated: Apr 25

As a Frenchman and citizen of France who grew up in Germany, I was always devoted to my studies and made them my priority, resulting in my being awarded a prestigious scholarship by the German Academic Scholarship Foundation (Studie Stiftung des Deutscher Volkes) for my university education, in 1998. However, my education was interrupted by the arrival of my son, now 20 years old. I am glad, looking back, that I made the correct decision, putting my son first because the time that we were able to spend together while he was little is priceless to me. I went to work that same year and have always been employed full-time, diving into the business world, learning all I could, saving money, and being a highly responsible father.

By 2004, my wife and I were sufficiently solvent so that we could return to school while I continued working as an accountant. In May of 2004, I began studying through the INTEC (Institute National des Techniques Economies et Comp tables) in France, distance learning, with many credits granted due to examination at the national level. In this way, I could earn an undergraduate and two master's degrees – one in Accounting and Finance and the other in Accounting and Management in the space of only 18 months. Fifteen years later, I hope to earn a master's degree in law, the LLM, which I see as definitive and foundational for balancing what I hope to accomplish professionally, primarily concerning compliance. Much of what I have studied in a formal or academic setting has been in areas closely related to Commercial, Tax, and Labour Law. I could not be more engaged with business law issues and now seek a fuller immersion experience in the legal foundations of compliance, international commerce, and regulation.

I am an accomplished executive working for a great company; I have served as regional head for Ethics & Compliance for the past five years. I wake up every day working in ethics and compliance with a great passion for improving the lives of those around me. My children are now adults; my son is in his third year of Law Studies in Paris. My daughter will soon begin an international baccalaureate program in Switzerland, where my wife works. I now spend my professional week in Madrid, Spain, but I spend every weekend in Switzerland with my wife and daughter. As of September 2020, I will relocate to Switzerland.

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LLM International Business Law, Compliance, European, Older

In addition to the sheer excellence of your program and the fact I am a perfect fit with XXXX, your program is also my first choice among LLM programs because of its modularity, the opportunity to integrate additional courses through the curriculum, and the diversity of the student body. Your LLM program is one of only a few that would allow me to study and continue working full-time.

I have been researching and applying behavioral science to my practice for the past seven years. For the past two years, I have been heavily engaged with research into artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications as they impact the areas of Compliance and Ethics. My primary motivation is to do all that I can to stay abreast of my field and make my work each day as effective as possible, improving the lives and safeguarding the livelihoods of corporations and individuals alike. The best way to prepare me as fully as possible to make my maximum contribution in this regard would be to earn the LLM in Compliance through the Institute for International Business Law at XXXX University. I especially admire the attention paid to the emerging ethical issues in AI, the stellar reputation and distinguished history of XXXX, and the unique nature of your program in Compliance, the only one with an entire big data module devoted to AI. In addition, the presence of the Exa scale InfoLab at XXXX University would be invaluable to my efforts to perform research for a thesis in innovative technologies as far as they can contribute to ethical compliance under the law.

I seek the finest education in compliance globally, a complete immersion experience in the broad scope of angles that are brought to bear on compliance, and an excellent foundation in financial compliance, utilitarianism-driven regulatory compliance frameworks, and process compliance. Business Ethics are central to the focus I want to develop in my studies and are especially relevant for data-driven compliance, compliance as related to and advanced by artificial intelligence, and commercial mediation. I seek a thorough grounding in how our legal structures in Europe serve as the foundation for all compliance activities.

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I look forward to examining the legal frameworks that serve as the foundation of family, religion, beliefs, customs, globalization, and the relevance of these areas for compliance and ethics. I seek to contribute to the debate on fine-tuning our moral compass in a complex world beset by formidable challenges in many areas of human life, organization, and the essential functions of society. This will help me be of the most excellent service in the future to individuals, teams, organizations, and corporations dealing with ethical dilemmas, enabling them to thrive even in the face of the many challenges we face today. Meeting the needs of compliance and the demands of ethics in the future will require bright, ambitious, and courageous people who are willing and secure enough to challenge the status quo. I look forward to contributing to the radical measures that will be called for in the future to make life sustainable. This will require the development of a sound moral compass to guide the navigation of troubled waters and tensions that arise between Law, on the one hand, and what is morally acceptable on the other. By earning my LLM Degree, I hope to prepare myself for increasing leadership roles in compliance and enhancing my value and capacity to contribute to a corporation, enabling and promoting considerable team efforts that inspire new examples of prominent levels of corporate social responsibility.

I hope to bring a solid professional background to your program with extensive experience in various domains of regulatory compliance, business ethics, and practical compliance program applications in ambiguous situations. Much of my work has entailed close collaboration with experienced lawyers, which will help me excel in your program as an original thinker in finance, management, and commercial law. Central to my quest is the search for innovation, especially as it relates to AI and how recent technologies will continue to influence the evolution of our legal frameworks in the future.

Thank you for considering my application to the LLM Program at XXXX University.

LLM International Business Law, Compliance, European


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