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PHD Business Administration and Organizational Behavior

Updated: Apr 30

I hope to make my maximum contribution to society as a mentor to women, especially those who are members of minority groups. My ethnic and cultural heritage goes a long way to explain why my foremost intellectual, social, and academic interest lies in uplifting and empowering minority women and their communities. As an immigrant to America, born and raised in Jamaica, I have long felt called to the career I have set my sights on. Now is the right time for me to put my experience to work at a new level by earning a doctoral degree in my chosen field, Business Administration and Organizational Behavior, with a focus on women of color and diversity in the workplace. My first choice is to study for a Ph.D. at the University of XXXX (UXXXX). I hope to teach at the university level, focusing on women of color in the workplace, their dreams, the challenges faced, and obstacles overcome.

The first educational certificates I earned were in Management, Marketing, and General Business Studies, while still in Jamaica. I now hold an MBA Degree from the XXXX Institute of Technology. I am finishing my MA in History at XXXX University, where I also completed my undergraduate studies majoring in Women’s Studies and a Certificate in African New World Studies. I studied to become a certified TEFL-TESOL instructor. Academia is my passion and earning my Ph.D. will prepare me for my maximum professional contribution as a university professor.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Ph.D. Business Administration and Organizational Behavior Statement of Purpose Sample

Upon completing the Ph.D., I hope to secure a full-time teaching position at an AACSB-accredited university. My long-term objectives are to teach full-time, mentor students seeking both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and engage extensively in research in my field. Earning the Ph.D. will enable me to understand the day's issues related to my area of particular interest, address my academic weaknesses, and build upon my strengths. I am confident that I have the qualities to continue to improve as a teacher and researcher. My love for the subject drives me, to women of color, in the workplace. I see it as timely and critical to remaking our society into a more pleasant place that is safer and more prosperous for everyone.

Now fifty-five, a US citizen, and a long-term resident of Georgia, I came to the USA at 30 from Jamaica, where I was born and raised, becoming thoroughly bicultural, Jamaican-American. I also think of myself as African American. Of course, I watch the glass ceiling being threatened most recently and effectively by the Democratic Nominee for Vice President of the USA, California Senator Kamala Harris, whose father is from Jamaica. We both think of ourselves as African American, as well as Jamaican. It is natural to gravitate to the perspectives and stories of immigrants of color to America and their children and the hurdles overcome, particularly by women of color. Thus, I seek the fullest possible immersion experience for the balance of my life in the study of women of color in the workplace, during and after completing my Ph.D., hopefully at XXXX.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Ph.D. Business Administration and Organizational Behavior Statement of Purpose

I have become a 'creative free thinker' with a vast appreciation for multiculturalism, in part, because of my extensive travels over the years, beginning as a teenager going to London to be with family and friends, on numerous occasions, staying between 3 and 6 weeks each time. I spent a week in Germany in 2015 and another five glorious days in Paris. Returning to France in 2016, I also got to know Amsterdam. In 2018, I most enjoyed my exploration of Canada, especially Toronto.

I teach four undergraduate-level courses online at Louisiana State University, Shreveport (LSUS). I am also an online teaching assistant with several years of experience in online teaching and coaching in History and Business - working with graduate and undergraduate students. I have extensive experience designing and developing web-based course curricula, objectives, rules, and policies for undergraduate courses. I am highly competent in managing and hosting online discussion forums to engage students and facilitate the learning process by developing innovative and interactive online learning management systems. I have extensive management experience, supervising and evaluating up to 25 employees at a time. Successful in implementing staff development training programs resulting in multilateral staff achievement of work objectives, I have become proficient in leading and supporting customer service and accurately maintaining records and reports for accounts, resulting in an extraordinarily successful account retention record. Thank you for considering my application to your exceptionally creative program at UXXX.

PHD Business Administration and Organizational Behavior


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