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BSc International Business in Germany Consulting Firm Support

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BSc International Business
BSc International Business in Germany Consulting Firm Support Help, Successful Samples

I am a young Russian woman who is eager to get a degree in business from a distinguished program in Germany. I have always admired German culture and achievements; that is why I worked extremely hard my entire life to arrive at the point where I can say that I am fluent in German. I am most proud of this achievement, and I want to put it to effective use professionally. I also want the prestige associated with a German education, the world-wide recognition.  At least from a Russian perspective, German education is the best in Europe. Obtaining a degree in business from a distinguished German university will open a considerable number of career opportunities in my native Russia, where German-educated applicants for employment positions tend to be favored.

BSc International Business
Sucessful Examples oBSc International Business in Germany Personal Statement Help, Writing Service

My professional dream is to run my own business in the travel industry. I have already acquired tourism industry knowledge, but it is not enough to open my own travel agency. I feel the necessity to get profound knowledge in the areas of marketing, finance and accounting, management, and statistics which I will be able to gain by studying at your program. I especially admire the way that your university has fully embraced internationalism for well over a century, long before it was fashionable to do so. This is especially powerful for me when coupled to your emphasis on cutting-edge technology.

I see XXXX as a seat of progress, and one of the world’s foremost centers of research and development, the perfect launching pad to global opportunity. XXXX University is my first choice for studying towards the BSc in International Business because of the unique opportunities that your program offers, its global orientation and highly diverse student body. I keenly look forward to practicing the art of cross-cultural communication and learning from my colleagues from all over the world. Finally, I also appreciate how your program provides its students with the opportunity to acquire not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience through participation in an internship.

I have been working as a travel agent for the past 2 years and this experience has allowed me to spend significant periods of time in many places, thereby greatly enhancing my multicultural and multilingual experiences in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Finland, Estonia, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, and Turkey.  I was in Turkey and Cyprus on a familiarization (FAM) tour. FAM tours are organized for travel agents to gain experience in a certain region, the hotels in particular, so that the agent will be able to share this expertise with others in the future. I feel strongly that this experience as I strive to excel in your international business program.

BSc International Business
BSc International Business in Germany Consulting Firm Support Sample, Succesful Example

My German, both spoken and written, is as good as my English and I work hard at continuously improving it. My French skills, however, are especially still in need of a lot of work. But, as with German and English, I see all four of my languages as living souls that I continuously nourish, especially those that I never take for granted, the one’s that I intentionally learned through a lot of extremely demanding work. I am a graduate of the State XXXX Pedagogical University of Russia, and I have helped to tutor many elementary and middle-school students on a volunteer basis for many years.  My knowledge of psychology helped me to learn to communicate effectively with students and their parents alike. I have finely honed negotiation and conflict resolution skills and I am an accomplished team player with a lot of resistance to stress.  I studied economics in high school and received excellent grades. Since that time, I have been an avid reader in the literature on economics and business. With your help, it is in this area where I will make my mark.

I thank you for consideration of my application to your program.

BSc International Business in Germany Consulting Firm Support


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