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DBA Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management

Updated: Apr 25

Like Maria Shi, Director of Client Growth for PayPal: “I measure my success as a leader by how well the people who work for me succeed.” In my professional efforts as a business executive and HR professional, I like to think of myself as the leader of an orchestra, not the one physically making the music, but she who seeks to harmonize and inspire the performance as a whole; always laboring to keep everyone on key and upbeat in the organization that I work for. This is why I am also currently earning my certification as a professional in talent development (CPTD), focused on developing my talent by learning how to optimize the skill of those with whom I work.

I have the experience and ability as a seasoned business professional holding the MBA Degree to excel in my studies toward the DBA Degree. I could not be more enthused about the prospect of giving my all to a doctoral program and again experiencing the joys of academic community and fellowship among diverse professionals sharing my central goal of making our world a better place to live through trade, exchange, commerce, international economic development, and the celebration of diversity in the process.

The XXXX School of Business at XXXX University is my first choice because of your location and the sheer excellence of the program. Philadelphia has long been the center of my world and where I perform at my best and at home with the full support of family, friends, networks, etc. I look forward to bringing a wealth of practical experience to the classroom at XXXX, based on more than 15 years of experience in leadership roles. I am personable and approachable. I am highly motivated and determined to contribute positively to the global business community.

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Creating and maintaining a healthy and highly productive workforce is the center of my professional and intellectual interests. I started my academic career at XXXX University, and it has been my dream to come full circle in reaching my highest level of academic potential and achievement at my alma mater. It would be a special honor to study under Professor XXXX, whose research I admire enormously and who I see as the ideal potential academic advisor to inspire and guide me at the doctoral dissertation level. I seek an entire immersion experience possible at the XXXX School in Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management, with particular attention paid to the mental health of organization members and employees.

As an HR Director/Training Specialist, I have had a solid reputation of success for over a decade, designing and managing innovative training programs in human resources management and development, implementing new strategies, and coordinating administrative activities. Incredibly accomplished in the education sector, I am also highly experienced in dealing with high-profile corporations. I am very thankful for having had the opportunity to develop extensive expertise in facilitating instructor-led training sessions, developing budgets, improving efficiency, establishing policies, and evaluating programs. Steadfastly committed to delivering highly effective educational services with proven outcomes, I am a high achiever with a reputation for strategic leadership and an unfailing commitment to always building positive relationships while navigating the complexities of large-scale project management.

I also hope to be selected to enroll in your competitive program, in part, because of my extensive volunteer work in the community, serving, for example, as an Advisory Board Member with Camp Sojourner, focused chiefly on fundraising, the NAACP (Bear Delaware Chapter), and Youth Council Board Member for the YMCA. My public speaking privileges have included a Life Skills Workshop for young people and being invited as a guest speaker to SORE Philadelphia. I also remain active with the Haitian Professionals of Philadelphia.

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I am constantly seeking to exceed expectations. I promote an environment that optimizes performance and delivers organizational objectives. I have seen first-hand and up close the negative impact on employees resulting from toxic workplace culture and the financial burdens that often result for the organization. Especially in the wake of the suicide of a former employee with mental health issues, I feel especially called to devote increasing energy to exploring the complex relationship between mental health and organizational culture.

Born in the Carolinas during the Great Depression, my mother was busy with chores as a sharecropper's daughter, and the black schoolhouse was 5 miles away. She had to learn how to read on her own. This motivated me to excel early on. My mother has always given to everyone who has crossed her path - providing shelter, food, and love, with my dad in and out of the home due to his battle with alcohol. I became a mother myself at the age of seventeen, which made me grow up even faster and most determined to make a better life for my child, not disappoint my mother, and give back to society simultaneously.

I thank you for considering my application to the DBA Program at XXXX.

DBA Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management


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