Statistics PHD, Chinese Applicant, Bayesian Statistics and Machine Learning

XXXX State University is my first choice among PHD programs in Statistics for a variety of reasons, most having to do with the sheer excellence of your program and its interdisciplinary focus and resources. Data is everywhere at XSU. Nearby XXXX is also a data-rich area and California is easily accessible. It would be a special honor for me to study under Dr. XXXX, since I very much admire her research in data mining, measurement and statistics in education. I could also not be more favorably impressed by the work of Dr. XXXX with his expertise in Bayesian statistics and machine learning.

My focus was always on Mathematics. Thus, I first earned my undergraduate degree in Math along with a minor in Statistics and went on to also complete a Master’s Degree in Math. Throughout the course of both my undergraduate and graduate studies, increasingly, Statistics has been my focus, my chosen vehicle for harnessing the power of Mathematics to the real world, which has always been my dream. Most of all, I feel called to contribute to the field of education, since I see it as so fundamental to human and social progress, development, and planetary peace and security. I love teaching as well as numbers and have taught mathematics on and off for almost 5 years. Now is the right time for me to enter a PHD Program in Statistics and I have my heart set on doing so at Arizona State University.

Earning my PHD in Educational Measurement and Statistics will be the crowning achievement of my life, preparing me for many decades of cutting-edge research into the enhancement of educational systems. I look forward to building upon the foundation that I have already established and pushing it forward to the frontiers of application, especially with respect to factor analysis, multivariate analysis, Bayesian statistics and statistical software such R and SAS.

I have keenly enjoyed multiple teaching experiences, serving for periods of time as a full-time as well as part-time instructor at a college level; and I have become accustomed and adept at interaction with students, both face-to-face and online, in major universities. I have served as a graduate assistant as well as a substitute teacher for high school. My leadership capacity was given a boost by the privilege of serving as the president of the Chinese Students Association. I also worked my way up to the position of manager in a restaurant, of which I am humbly proud.

Nothing brings me greater joy than the fullest possible immersion in academics to which I long to return. My finest moments in life so far have been spent doing things like using Hawkes learning systems as a graduate assistant, WebAssign when I taught summer sessions. Currently, I use a person math lab in teaching college algebra. Blackboard learn is another brilliant educational technology that I look forward to mastering so as to be able to easily collect data from students for analysis. I find all learning systems fascinating, and limitless potential for effective organization, homework development, quizzes and tests, adroitly managing students and conducting research at the same time.

If I am given the opportunity to complete the PHD Program in Statistics at XSU, I will be inspired and empowered to become a leader in the research and practice of test development, psychometrics, and applied statistics. I look forward to decades to come planning, implementing, and evaluating statistical models, in addition to improving social policy through the implementation of high-quality research methodologies. I want to be a part of an education industry that is projected to increase form 1.6 trillion yuan to 2.9 trillion yuan in China from 2015 to 2020.

A decade ago, upon arriving in the USA with my parents, I barely spoke English. Thus, I am proud of the fact that I am now teaching at the college level, something which I attribute to unceasing diligence and dedication to my studies and investigations. I keenly look forward to becoming a leader in the education industry – especially insofar as it relates to my native China. Earning the PHD in Educational Measurement and Statistics will fulfill my dream in the fields of educational measurement, evaluation, and statistical methods. Now 31, I feel it is time to earn the PHD and I have the full support of my wife and extended family that will be most helpful for me to devote myself to my studies 24/7.

I hope to honor the PHD Program in my field at XXXX State University by going on to distinguish myself in the service of a major educational corporation or university, always dedicated to research as well as practice in my field.

I thank you for considering my application to XXU.

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