MS Statistics Personal Statement of Purpose, Wedding of Math and Physics, Explaining Low Grades

I understand that the Master of Statistics Degree Program at XXXX University is very competitive. I have hope primarily because my grades are high for my last two years of study, especially in my Statistics classes. I have also acquired a significant amount of research experience as an undergraduate which demonstrates my drive and determination to contribute towards the advancement of my profession at XXXX University. For a variety of reasons my grades were low for my first two years of study, once I resolved the issues that were pulling me down, however, I began to excel and I feel very strongly that my grades for my last two years of study speak much more clearly to my capacity to perform as a graduate student than the struggles that I successfully passed through during my first two years of study at Texas A&M as a Geophysics major, with my overall GPA rising from 2.7 to 3.3.

I see the statistician as first and foremost a problem solver. As I see it, the statistician is the one who is supposed to solve the problem - and help the employer who has the problem, issue, or challenge, to understand the result of the analyses of the problem in question. As I see it, it is the duty of the statistician to keep improving the methods to achieve what the employer wants. I keenly look forward to a lifetime of service as a statistician serving industry, development, and the advancement of technology generally speaking.

The wedding of Mathematics and Physics is my first love, especially since high school. I declared my major to be Geophysics for the first two years of my undergraduate education but decided to change my major to Mathematics which worked out better for me in terms of better forming the solid, advanced foundation that I would need for study in statistics and data on the graduate level. I went on to finish with a double major, earning a degree in Statistics as well as Math. I hope to be selected to the distinguished Master’s Program in Information Science at XXXX University for a variety of reasons in addition to the location, mainly the sheer excellence of your program. I now see very clearly the way in which my devotion to Mathematics and Statistics has been grooming me for my professional contribution in the area of Data Science.

I most enjoy discovering and coming to a fuller appreciation of relationships between data, on the one hand, and data on the other, what I like to think of as the logic of data, and the relevance of this logic for ‘real-world’ applications. I very much enjoy every facet of working with data, - collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and processing. Most recently, I have been learning a great deal about financial data analysis using Python language to scrap for useful financial data such as stock prices, interest rates, currency exchange rates, etc. - from a variety of online resources. Nothing excites me more than using statistical methods to analyze data so as to better understand business necessities and realities such as stock prices. I recently completed a paper entitled: “Comparison of test for interval censored survival data” where I very much enjoyed developing a rigorous focus on the two-sample test for interval censoring data. After choosing the appropriate tests, I manually coded in R software to simulate test and data set, testing each of the results. As a result of my efforts, by the end of the paper I was able to say accurately: “for xx type data, it is best to use xxx type test….” I also use R software at my place of employment, a bioinformatic center, to build a R Shiny website that all users can go to in order to upload their own data to run the survival analysis. I look forward to a professional lifetime of analyzing high dimensional data. I thank you for considering my application for to Statistics at XXXX

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