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Public Policy and Administration Women in the Workplace

Updated: Apr 25

A young woman from India, my education has increasingly come to embrace a focus on women in the workplace, women’s rights, liberation, economic development/participation, etc. As an undergraduate and master's degree student of economics, international business, and especially finance, the most vital aspect of my application is that I have teaching experience in my native India before I began building a new, married life in Canada, having served as an Assistant Professor of Finance and Management. All along the way, my particular focus has been on women, especially the critical role played by Finance in their economic empowerment in sustainable practices. I see women as the main economic motor of the future and the salvation of our planet; and my lifetime as dedicated to the cause of grass-roots economic development through the promotion of women-owned and led enterprises, working to enhance the empowerment of women, politically, legally, culturally, and most of all in the economic sphere. This would be the most exemplary contribution that I might be able to make to global society. For these reasons, I hope to complement the MBA I already hold with a second master's degree at XXXX University, the MA in Public Policy and Administration. I would particularly like to attend XXXX University because of the focus of your curriculum and the inclusivity, diversity, and sense of global mission at XXXX.

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I want to focus my research and projects at XXXX on women’s issues and how the women's economic independence course can serve as a catalyst for their liberation on various course levels. My ideal job, the most fulfilling way that I could put my education to good use, would be to work with the United Nations or a development organization, searching for and helping to facilitate the implementation of progressive initiatives designed to foster female independence by providing women with the means to become masters of their destiny. Earning my MA Degree in Public Policy and Administration in Canada, my new, permanent home, will enable me to rise to my fullest potential as a thinker and a doer, preparing me to contribute to progressive causes that help women to achieve lives with dignity, particularly in the Developing World. My specific area of most significant interest is finance. I seek a total immersion experience in how greater economic independence for women leads to greater gender equality in many areas. Participating in public-speaking competitions has energized me to speak the truth about our significant challenges. I spearheaded a committee in my college that organized seminars focusing on issues faced by women and girls, such as that many, if not most, girls drop out of school if they become pregnant due to social stigma. We organized collection drives periodically and provided local government schools with sanitary napkins and medicine for girls. Central to achieving greater economic independence for women is equal access to primary and higher education. I am heartened by the fact that the corporate world is beginning to realize the importance – and potential profitability, especially for the long term – of investing in the education of women and girls. Doing all that I can to advance this cause is central to my heart.

As an undergraduate student, I surveyed local industries. Certain businesses were thriving because they implemented policies geared towards empowering women, especially by facilitating access to opportunities in higher education and providing equal opportunity for advancement within the company. I have understood better the big picture and how nothing can be adequately understood apart from the context in which it is located and how important it is that decisions be based on taking multiple perspectives into account.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MA in Public Policy and Administration, Indian Woman, Women and the Workplace, Canada

Teaching at my alma mater taught me that a teacher's job is not just to provide an articulate delivery but to learn to listen and respond constructively to feedback. Teaching polished my empathy improved my conflict resolution skills and helped me become a versatile professional. Developing my leadership skills helped me become highly effective at team building and management while still a student.

After teaching, I appreciated how we must unlearn many things to find our own unique, creative voices. While teaching Management, I came to appreciate how social consciousness works more fully in tandem with strategic insight; realistic solutions can be found for complex challenges such as the recent scourge of COVID-19. As I draft this statement, India is closed due to this virus, and more than half a billion women and girls are turning their lives upside down. As an MA in Public Policy and Administration at XXXX University, I look forward to studying this issue in-depth, and the economic effects on and unique challenges India’s women and girls face due to this global pandemic.

Thank you for considering my application to XXXX.

Public Policy and Administration Women in the Workplace


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