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MPA Master’s Degree in Public Administration Purpose, Guatemalan

Updated: Apr 29

I hope to earn a master's degree in public administration at XXXX University, which is within 10 minutes of my house. It is also close to the building that houses the City of Los Angeles operations. Since I hope to work for the City of Los Angeles after earning my MPA Degree, XXU is my ideal choice among MPA programs.

I was born in California to parents who migrated from Guatemala. My parents tried, but they did not have the resources or academic background to be able to help prepare me for college. I did not have the luxury of attending an SAT prep course, ACT prep course, or top schools that challenged me in my preparation for college, nor anyone with whom to share the experience of selecting and applying to universities. I don't blame my parents, who always did their best with what little they had to work with. But I sometimes wonder how far I might have gotten professionally if I had had access to guidance and resources to prepare me straight out of high school.

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MPA Statement of Purpose

For the past three years, I have been fully immersed in ‘immigrant rights’ from various disciplines, primarily but not limited to Political Science. I am preparing to submit the research I have already completed for publication. I hope to eventually build a career that will provide me with the most significant impact on progressive legislation and social policy. I want to challenge myself to advocate for the rights of vulnerable members of my community. I have the skillset and drive to support, research, and publish in the defense of vulnerable communities. I want to learn to run some of the operations of a city the size of LA, my home. Near me, how to successfully negotiate, advocate, and work with city officials to ensure the rights of those in our community are recognized.

Some individuals love living in a city, and others are driven to contribute to the operations needed to keep it functioning. I want to become an essential player in the processes of LA and, in this way, maximize my contribution to my community.

I have recently come to see being a child of immigrant parents as something empowering rather than representing any disadvantage. It is one of my significant advantages for seeking to fulfill the role I want to play. I have learned a great deal by having to navigate the educational system on my own. Lessons taught by my parents, like determination, sacrifice, and hard work, things that can't be taught in textbooks, have been the driving force to get me where I want to go. The education system was not created with me in mind, but I worked extra hard to compensate. Acceptance into the MPA program will enable and inspire the fulfillment of my dreams.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Sample MPA Statement of Purpose

The intersection between legislation and local government operations is the niche that I hope to explore fully in your program and the area where I most hope to distinguish myself as a graduate student at XXU. I seek the most understanding possible concerning how legislation arises on the federal level and its impact on local governments.

I love singing, teaching children and teens at church, and keeping up with politics. Thank you for considering my application.

MPA Master’s Degree in Public Administration Purpose


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