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Personal Statement for Visa Extension, Indian Medical Doctor

Updated: Apr 29

My name is Dr. XXXX, a doctor from India. I write the following in support of my application to extend my visa so that I might continue working as a medical doctor and medical investigator in the United States of America. I currently serve as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Nephrology in our Transt Nephr pantology section for the Department of Internal medicine at XXXX University in XXXX, Ohio. I completed a Transplant Nephrology Fellowship at OSU (2017-2018), following a Nephrology fellowship at XXXX University (2015-2017) and an IM residency at XXXX Hospital. I also had the profound privilege of serving as a Clinical Instructor in the Division of Transplant Nephrology at XXXX throughout 2018. My colleagues and mentors always encourage me, suggesting that my research and practice here in America are essential to advancing research into diseases of the kidneys, especially in medical machine learning and organ transplantation. I did exceptionally well on the USMLEs, completed a research course at the Harvard Medical School, graduated with a 91% percentile, among the top five in the class, and then became a senior teaching assistant at Harvard for four years.

Participating in numerous studies, my efforts have included research for the National Institute of Health, grant proposal writing, institutional review board (I.R.B.) applications, and budget preparation for multiple institutions. Co-authoring five research papers along with book chapters on newer pharmaceutical agents for the care of patients with angina, heart attack, atrial fibrillation, and other heart-related conditions, I also became certified as an angiography reader in my lab and experienced in the assessment of acute lesions in the blood vessels of the heart. Incredibly well-versed in the impact of diabetes on heart attacks, I have studied the use of insulin pumps for type 2 diabetes with intensity. Immensely proud of the fact that our work was successful at convincing insurance companies to cover the insulin pump for type 2 diabetes patients as well; I have presented on this subject as a podium oral presentation in Stockholm, Sweden, as well as the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, E.A.S.D. My work has received extensive media coverage and has been published in Business Standard, Medscape, Medical Dialogues,,, and the Economic Times. I have continued my fight against diabetes during my fellowship in transplant nephrology fellowship, and now as an assistant professor at XXXX University, where I pay incredibly close attention to the relationship between diabetes in the case of solid organ transplants (Kidney, kidney-pancreas, lung, liver, heart transplants). I have presented my research at international and national conferences, including the American Transplant Congress, Boston, 2019, and ENDO, 2019, in New Orleans.

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Personal Statement for Visa Extension Example

I have contributed extensively to the Wiki Doc 'The Living Textbook of Medicine', providing up-to-date medical information, serving as associate editor-in-chief for Wiki Doc since 2011, editing a vast amount of material, and serving as director of recruitment for Wiki Doc. I study deep learning algorithms for disease risk assessment. I have amassed a massive dataset of renal fibrosis and advanced machine-learning techniques with a collaborator from Boston University/Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It pleases me to serve alongside a tiny group of elite researchers who have worked on artificial intelligence (machine learning techniques) and developed an essential tool for predicting future renal survival.

In my research into the long-term effects of metabolic syndrome concerning diabetes, obesity, cancer, and the survival of transplant patients, my retrospective studies on the efficacy and safety of different diabetic agents in transplant explore the goodwill of these agents in the transplant population; thereby increasing the confidence of the transplant providers in using these agents. My research focuses on the long-term impact on the kidneys of organ transplants, especially the lung. I study epidemiological databases to delineate the etiology of increased renal failure in the lung transplant population and use artificial intelligence to predict renal survival. As medical machine learning research continues to advance, our field of medicine needs the vision and expertise of those with extensive experience in these areas, leading the search for novel applications that will change how we live.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Personal Statement for Visa

There is an acute shortage of transplant nephrologists in the US to meet the needs of thirty-seven million patients with kidney disease. A kidney transplant is the only modality that has been shown to increase survival rates among those with failing kidneys. We have less than one thousand transplant nephrologists in the country to care for an ever-growing population of transplanted patients. Even before COVID-19, we were already confronting an ‘epidemic’ of chronic kidney failure, and our current administration has identified kidney transplantation as its top priority for action.

I was selected from among many candidates to serve as an Assistant Professor of Transplant Nephrology based on my stellar record of accomplishment. Actively involved in the selection process of potential kidney/kidney-pancreas/islet-cell future transplant candidates, my role also entails but is not limited to providing exceptional clinical care to post-transplant patients (kidney, pancreas, kidney-pancreas), offering consultation services to critically ill patients with other solid organ transplants and kidney-related complications (heart, liver, lung, bone marrow). I play an especially critical role in 'high-risk transplant patients' decision-making, paying close attention to our medically and socially complicated cases.

I contribute to policymaking concerning our transplant patients with immunosuppression regimens, viral prevention, and our efforts to increase access to kidneys. I also manage patients with a wide variety of kidney disorders resulting from injury and chronic disease, dialysis, kidney stones, hypertension, and renal cancer, acting as a bridge for patients with failing kidney transplants and facilitating the process of re-enlistment for a second transplant.

Thank you for considering my application.

Personal Statement for Visa Extension


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