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Letter of Recommendation for Visa, Mentor, Medicine & AI

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

While I have taught and mentored many students over my teaching years, few stand out more than XXX. I was her professor for an advanced class in Artificial Intelligence Stimulus, and her progress during that class and since that time has been truly remarkable. She has been making enormous contributions to the technological advancement of all things medical online, shaping up to be a new generation of pioneers in the adaption of artificial intelligence to medicine in an increasingly online world. Thus, it could not please me more to write this Letter of Recommendation on her behalf for the requisite immigration status necessary so that she can continue to labor here in the USA alongside us in the numerous challenges that we face. This is especially true because Dr. XXXX has distinguished herself on the frontlines of our fight against COVID-19, regarding research and strategy and its implementation. I speak to her frequently and benefit significantly from the creative process she is working on.

My name is XXXX, and I am a senior scientist at XXXX Global Research. As part of the XXXX Robotics team since 2014, I have been responsible for researching, developing, and deploying real-world systems for aerial and ground robots. I work closely with customers and multi-disciplinary teams to shape robotics projects and products in the energy, transportation, and aviation sectors. My central focus is on robot learning under uncertainty, developing deep learning techniques that enable learning via self-play, particularly regarding robot perception, navigation, and manipulation. I have been actively involved in creating two new robotics-enabled businesses at GE and published more than a dozen peer-reviewed articles, presenting many at conferences and filing more than a dozen patent disclosures. I was awarded the CTO Award by General Electric and the Outstanding Achievement by a Young Alum Award by the UMass Amherst College of Information and Computer Sciences – for my leadership and initiative in robotics innovations. Before joining XXXX, I was a postdoctoral fellow in the XXXX College of Information and Computer Sciences Robotics Lab. I worked with NASA to develop robotic learning techniques, including teaching robots to make decisions under uncertainty. I earned a B.S. in Mathematics and Computing from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kharagpur in 2004 and my M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2007 and 2012, respectively.

Dr. XXXX is a most enthusiastic and friendly young transplant nephrologist operating on the cutting edge of her field, working tirelessly to improve outcomes in solid organ transplantation. Mainly due to her clinical and translational work, it is no exaggeration to refer to her as an emerging leader in the transplant community. Dr. XXXX has already made enormously significant contributions to her areas of medicine, and she has enormous potential to continue. She is an accomplished clinician and scientist engaged in active research as a principal and co-investigator for several critically important clinical and translational studies. Thus, I strongly recommend the approval of her petition. I can certify that her abilities in medicine are superlative. She could not be better poised to continue making significant contributions to science and our care of organ transplant patients, especially in the face of COVID-19, making us desperate to have all our hands on deck.

It would be a pleasure to provide you with further information about Dr. XXXX.


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