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LOR Internal Medicine Residency, Letter of Recommendation from Mentor, Japanese Doctor

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Dr. XXXX, MD and I am an Assistant Professor of Medicine in the area of Nephrology at the University of XXXX. I also serve as site director at XXXX University Hospital. I have gotten to know Dr. XXXX quite well because I have been serving as his mentor throughout his fellowship program in Nephrology (2019 – Present) at the University of XXXX Health Science Center in Memphis. Thus, I feel strongly that I am in an excellent position to recommend Dr. XXXX for an Internal Medicine residency position.

I enjoyed enormously serving as XXXX’s mentor and we have spent many hours inside and outside of the hospital comparing notes about medicine, especially the special passion that we have shared in common, Nephrology. He has taught me important things as well. I now see Dr. XXXX as my colleague rather than a student. I deeply admire his dedication to research in particular, as well as the breadth of his grasp of Internal Medicine generally speaking, which has helped to make him such an exceptionally creative thinker in the area of Nephrology.

Dr. XXXX is diligent, a hard worker, humble, and easy to get along with; patients and colleagues alike take to him immediately and his good cheer, hard work, and enormous competence is invariably appreciated. XXXX has been especially helpful to our medical community as a whole for the way that he takes rotating residents and medical students under his wing, helping them along, especially during really busy times when it has been appreciated. Dr. XXXX is accustomed to and at his best in a stressful, highly energetic environment. During his time with us and since then, he has continued to develop key skills in team working, leadership, problem-solving, and time and workload management. The fact that Dr. XXXX went on to earn a PHD Degree in Medicine focused on Nephrology is evident when one is deep in discussion with him, as well as the way that he religiously stays up-to-date with the literature, not only with respect to Nephrology but generally speaking in terms of the breadth of issues and challenges in Internal Medicine.

Dr. XXXX holds enormous promise for both practice and clinical research. He became especially adept at the critical analysis and revision of several Japanese clinical guidelines. He has conducted extensive epidemiological research at the University of California at Irvine, participating in several NIH-funded projects and has published several papers as the first author in prestigious, peer-reviewed, subspecialty journals. For all of the above reasons, and others too numerous to mention, I could not recommend Dr. XXXX more highly for a position with a residency program in Internal Medicine. I would be most happy to provide you with any further information concerning his application process or credentials and preparedness for excellence in your program.


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