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LLM Personal Statement Technology and Digitalization

Updated: Apr 30

Coming from an extended family with several lawyers, I have always looked up to attorneys, particularly one of my uncles, a lawyer who is particularly well respected back home in my land of origin, Cambodia. I have no fonder memories of my youth than sitting close to him and listening to him recount the stories of his life and practice over the years, the clients he has defended, and his constant struggle to achieve justice and fairness in one case after another.

I learned a great deal from my uncle growing up about how, for example, innocent people are often falsely and wrongfully accused and how, as he saw it, it was the duty of lawyers to defend these individuals. In addition to getting an excellent education, he encouraged me to explore the world and engage with social issues, contributing to the debates of my day as an active participant and listener. He talks to me in-depth about how fortunate we are to live in an age of globalization, especially digitalization. In this spirit, I hope to be selected to study for the LLM Degree in the USA, at XXXX Law School, in New York City, which I see as the world's capital in many important ways, particularly concerning communications technology and digitalization.

Earning my LLM Degree at the XXXX Law School with a focus on International Business Law in NYC, the business and financial center of the world as I see it - will provide me with the most solid academic foundation and intellectual breadth of scope possible for the advancement of my career, going on to devote my professional life to helping individuals obtain justice for themselves and their loved ones. I look forward to continuing to develop my analytical skills and core competencies by completing all modules with distinction in the design and execution of tasks commonly found in the real world. Your location is, for me, ideal, near to family and support network, near Wall Street, and opportunities for hands-on experience with government bodies, organizations, and legal firms. I appreciate the diversity of student backgrounds in your program and look forward to learning from my peers worldwide and my professors.

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I have already become familiar with court procedures and the analysis of cases. I have acquired familiarity with a variety of legal systems. The more I learn, the better I appreciate how I still have a long way to go to learn all that I need to know to be on my path as a professional student and practitioner of the law. My early interest led me to become a legal assistant, which I have enjoyed enormously. I now look forward to continuing as a legal professional to balance my professional life.

In my professional experience so far, I have dealt with cases ranging from civil to criminal, drafted contracts and memorandums, and assisted clients in opening businesses in the country. I always reached out to my supervisors and colleagues, seeking guidance as needed from professors and mentors at school and in the workplace.

After earning my undergraduate degree, I decided to take a break from formal education and instead participated in an exchange program called “Ship for Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Program” (SSEAYP). I joined a small group of like-minded people with a similar passion for legal affairs, particularly my greatest interest, the area most significant, international business law issues.

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I pay incredibly close attention to investment from abroad into developing countries, particularly Southeast Asia, current flows of business investment, the complexity of business operations, and issues that arise over legal matters and the lawyer's role. I was especially pleased to pass the bar exam due to my diligent study, and I look forward to giving something of value back to my community for many decades.

I will never forget that day I received a call from the American Embassy in Cambodia for an interview for immigration to the US. Thus, my dream of pursuing a career in international business law in the US was born. After an extensive investigation of available options, I decided that given my interests and elevated level of motivation, I am the best fit for studying in the XXXX Law School program.

Thank you for considering my application to the LLM Program at XXXX Law.

LLM Personal Statement Technology and Digitalization


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