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Indian Medical Doctor, Masters Health Informatics, Personal Statement Writing and Editing

Updated: Jan 23

I earned my DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) Degree this year, 2018, at the National University of Medical Sciences; after earning my MD at the XXXX University School of Medicine, both on St. Kitts Island in the Caribbean. I hope to be selected to earn the MS Degree at the XXXX Institute of Public Health at XXXX University to enhance my career as a medical doctor and prepare for engagement on the cutting edge of informatics. Earning a state-of-the-art Master's in Public Health Informatics will make me a more visionary practitioner, enhancing what I have to give to advanced research and the administration of my profession.

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because I see it as the flagship operation in our area, Health Informatics, and one of the country's finest and most comprehensive Master’s Degree Programs. I have been fascinated by and engaged with the study of medicine since my childhood. Since I have been studying medicine year after year, more and more, I have become engaged intellectually and professionally with the technology that drives our profession. Thus, since my studies in medicine have concluded, I wish to continue preparing myself for my ultimate career position as a practicing physician heavily engaged in public health and administrative issues, driven by my experience of having earned the MS in Health Informatics at XXXX.

Completing the Master’s Degree Program at XXXX will make me more valuable professionally speaking, and enhance my lifelong prospects for career advancement in medicine, especially given the distinguished nature of your faculty and the cutting-edge quality of your facilities. Each day at XXXX, I will learn how to better tailor patient data and make that data work, resulting in optimal outcomes and facilitating research.

I want to become a leader and an advocate for enhanced access to clinical data and research information and put that information to work both on behalf of the patient and for research purposes. Since professional practice is increasingly data-intensive, e-health is one way of capturing the potential offered by internet information and communication technologies for improving health systems through better integration of patient health records, disease registries, and public health reporting. These online tools can help health professionals in decision-making and documentation and provide direct access to adequate information.

I was born in India and raised in the USA; thus, I am fully bicultural and multilingual. I have experience in the medical field as an MD, exposure to patients with various acute/chronic health conditions, and experience using electronic medical health records. I look forward very much to the diversity of XU and a strong sense of global community in a very intellectual environment: listening to distinguished academicians and industry leaders, collaborating on multidisciplinary and invigorating projects with fellow students who will be some of the leading entrepreneurs of the future. I believe the health informatics program at XXU is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of IT and the healthcare industry. It is the best academic setting to help me reach my goal of contributing to the betterment of society by helping to create a more knowledge-driven, extensive healthcare information network.

I plan to practice medicine, and I believe that with my medical background and the knowledge that I will acquire with this Master’s Program at XXXX, I will be able to more effectively integrate health informatics expertise with management skills and better position myself to make significant professional contributions in years to come. I believe we can reduce medical errors and make health care more efficient by designing, implementing, and managing processes that will facilitate the free flow and exchange of health information, with innovative solutions to privacy issues that protect the rights of all system users, including the underserved.

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