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MS Health Informatics Statement of Purpose Examples

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I want to better understand healthcare technology because, in addition to my family, it is my foremost passion in life. I work for a company that is becoming a major player in Electronic Health Records (EHR). Completing your distinguished master's degree program at the University of XXXX will enable and inspire me to advance in my career, to do what I love most and do it much better. Your program will help me to better understand how to tailor data for our clients. I will learn new ways to think creatively about client needs and how to consult clients themselves for the optimization of best practices.

MS Health Informatics Statement  Examples
MS Health Informatics Statement of Purpose

I have worked in healthcare ever since I graduated from college a little over a decade ago. I helped to manage XXXX's database, provided IT support for a community hospital in Boston, and now work for a terminology company that helps to create products that empower physicians to capture clinical content from their patients all over the world.


The countless hours that I spent working for the Hallmark Health System in a community hospital located in Melrose, MA will always be with me as this opportunity provided me with the hands-on experience that I needed. This direct engagement with a hospital facility has also proved most valuable in my current work with Intelligent Medical Object, since we work with many EHR vendors and provide clinically friendly terminology data that integrates to various EHR systems such as EPIC, MEDITECH, NextGen, CERNER, etc.

I excel at database programming, and I am known for special excellence in customer support, always maintaining the best of attitudes. I find it easy to maintain my positive attitude because I love to integrate data; thus, it is natural for me to appreciate the physicians and other clients that I work with.

MS Health Informatics Statement  Examples
MS Health Informatics Statement of Purpose Examples

In my current work at Intelligent Medical Object, we are in the middle of a huge project to migrate our clients’ data from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM before October 1st, 2015; by then every EHR system will need to use ICD-10CM coding standards.  This project allows me to work closely with our clinicians and translate their business requirement to database, via SQL language, so that it can integrate within our clients EHR systems.

With October 1st, 2015, rapidly approaching and the coming transition to ICD-10-CM, clinicians are in panic mode, like Y2K all over again. My customer support and positive attitude helps to provide confidence in our implementation of ICd10 to our clients. The transition will be smooth, and physicians will be able to code/bill correctly without interruption, in part, thanks to our efforts.

MS Health Informatics Statement  Examples
MS Health Informatics Statement of Purpose Examples

Why have you selected the UXX health informatics graduate degree program?

I selected UXX because I see it as the best online choice for earning the master's degree in health informatics. Studying online will allow me to continue to work full time and support myself and my family. I see your program as offering the flagship curriculum in Health Information Systems Analysis and Design, with special strengths that play to my primary interests in Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations. I used to work in a community hospital where I helped to manage our day-to-day IT operations, especially with Healthcare Security compliance (HIPPA). I appreciate the intensity of your focus on the areas of Ethics and Legal Issues in Health Informatics as well as Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics.

I ask for admission to your distinguished master's program at University of XXXX so that I might increasingly contribute more to my hospital and my community. I am especially excited about the professional area of study and work that I have chosen because of the vast opportunity for improvement and innovation that exists in our field. I hope very much to spend the next several decades engaged in innovative research concerning how we can continue to constantly improve our information systems in hospital settings.

I have told my family of my commitment to complete your program and they are all very much behind me and assured me that they will support me in making accommodation so that I can devote myself primarily to my studies. Along with my full-time employment, excelling in your program at UXX will be my priority. I am planning to enroll as a part-time student and take 3-4 classes (about 7-8 credits) per semester so that I can balance my professional and academic responsibilities. I will plan my schedule accordingly and prioritize my academic work, getting up before dawn and giving it the absolute best hours of my day.

The fact that there is considerable overlap between my professional responsibilities and my studies, should serve to propel me forward and keep me focused, helping me to think creatively about the many challenges and opportunities that confront us in the world of EHR.

I have taken online courses as an undergraduate student, and I enjoyed it very much. My first love has always been high technology, especially the goal of making education more accessible everywhere. In fact, I find online education easier than live class education, because it allows me to manage my professional and personal commitments in accordance with my academic priorities. I also appreciate how students can participate in online forum discussions, presentations can be viewed with GoToMeeting or WebEx, and projects can be managed with cloud technology.

Thank you for considering my application to your novel and distinguished program. 

MS Health Informatics Statement of Purpose Examples


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