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MHA Health Informatics Personal Statement Sample, Hispanic Single Mother

Updated: Oct 14

MHA Health Informatics Personal Statement Examples
MHA Health Informatics Personal Statement Sample

For the past twenty-five years, I have provided quality medical care for patients, creating, and managing increasingly sustainable working environments as a medical office manager, medical-legal office manager, and twelve years in the pharmaceutical consultancy field. I have received numerous accolades and commendations. While the recognition is wonderful, it is representative of my commitment to supporting physicians in maintaining standards of compassionate care, as well as my own personal maxims for excellence in all that I do.

I have given all that I am to my career and loved every minute of my work. Yet I have been left wanting to do more, and on a greater scale. Through U__ and the innovative educational experience with the Department of Health Administration and Informatics, I feel that my foundation in Biology, years of medical office management, and extensive medical knowledge gained through my experience in pharmaceutical consultancy, will be invaluable for bringing my goals, ambitions, and dreams to fruition.

I am intent on serving a hospital or group of hospitals, building my exposure in the field of information technology (IT) in the healthcare industry. The ideal would be to be instrumental in the efficient and effective operation of a hospital IT department. This will be my contribution and the method by which I will improve the American healthcare system, within the only field that has ever brought me the greatest sense of personal and professional rewards. The field of health informatics is growing rapidly and is full of opportunities. Standing in the middle of this field, one cannot see its borders. Through an academic relationship with U_, I can help to enlarge this field still further.

MHA Health Informatics Personal Statement Sample, Editing Service
MHA Health Informatics Personal Statement Sample

As a Hispanic woman, I feel I will be an excellent role model for other Latinas aspiring to become healthcare professionals and help respond to the need in America for Spanish/English bilingual nurses. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and Hispanic communities in California, Florida, and Maryland, I have an elevated level of cultural competency and sensitivity to the unique needs of minorities that will help me to excel in the American healthcare system. The US healthcare system needs people who can communicate effectively with people of myriad backgrounds given the influx of diverse clients. Increasingly, Spanish is a preferred language among the underserved. Being bilingual allows me to reach out to Hispanic and Latino clients in their mother language, increasing their comfort and confidence with procedures, as well as working with accurate information.

The University of ____ at ____ stood out to me from the background noise of other online graduate Health Informatics programs. U___ offers an online curriculum the breadth and scope of which is unparalleled. The impressive faculty, dynamic student body, and generous access to resources, add to the academic experience. I look forward with great eagerness to learning from U____’s benchmark faculty and interacting with the accomplished student body. The convenience of distance learning will allow me to maintain my professional career and continue to provide a stable home environment for my family; as a single mom, this is one of my primary concerns. Embarking on this degree program will give my children an excellent example to follow, that being a good mom also entails fulfilling your dreams.

I feel I have a great deal to offer, not only in terms of the U__ Health Informatics program, but beyond, in the communities I will go on to serve, and the lives that I will influence. To their tomorrow and mine, I will always seek out creative and sustainable changes in our healthcare system, a system I believe can do that much more.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

MHA Health Informatics Personal Statement Sample

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