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IMG Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement

Updated: Apr 29

As a teenager growing up in the Philippines, I knew only that I wanted to become a healthcare worker. It would take some time before I even dream of becoming a doctor, much less practicing medicine in the USA, as a resident in a distinguished internal medicine program. The single most salient event leading to my career aspirations in medicine was Hurricane Yolanda in 2013; I was a second-year medical student when the storm struck Cebu and surrounding islands, wreaking enormous damage, and putting an end to thousands of lives, devastating countless families. When classes resumed a couple of weeks later, everyone was sad. The downcast mood of my friends, classmates, and professors was palpable, with their thoughts centered on their families in the aftermath of the misery wrought by Yolanda.

Communication was limited between islands, and one had little verifiable news to rely on for weeks until phone lines and cell towers were repaired and back in service. My university quickly organized relief efforts, coordinating supplies donated from various communities to ensure they were sent to those in need. I volunteered to be part of the relief efforts, where a group of us would provide medical care to those who could not receive care at the nearest clinic. My group and I were assigned to the northern provinces of Cebu. I was immediately struck by how desperate and precarious the situation was and how badly the people were suffering. I helped treat men, women, and children with a wide variety of conditions, all of them utterly exhausted. As states slowly began to improve, we resumed our classes. In the aftermath of Yolanda, on Cebu and surrounding islands, my deep love was born for Internal Medicine and my profound and solemn dedication to this area of medicine. I will continue to nourish this love, and I look forward to contributing to research in my room at some point in my field to balance my professional life as an Internist.

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I could not be more committed to a lifelong learning experience devoted to Internal Medicine, and if selected, I assure you that I will give my all to your program. Not long after finishing medical school in the Philippines in 2016, I have been practicing in an extra capacity as an assistant in the New York City area. I currently serve as a Clinical Assistant at XXXX Medical in the Bronx, NY, assisting Dr. XXXX, providing a patient-focused healthcare delivery platform to provide the highest quality of care possible to the community. As a clinical assistant, my role involves collecting and documenting HPIs and providing physical exams with physician supervision. Other duties include chart reviews of patients’ medical histories, interim changes since last visits, recent hospitalization, and medication changes while communicating with other specialists to obtain expert opinions with referrals as appropriate.

I am most keen to join a residency program that will empower me to continue developing my medical skills and personal character. I look forward to the prospect of continuing my interest in medical volunteering to help communities – globally and locally – strengthen their general health practices by advancing the level of preparation of clinical staff. I have long wanted to serve as a pillar of medical support for those who need me and be challenged mentally, physically, and intellectually. Internal medicine has been and continues to be for me an answer to a prayer, a vehicle of growth that enables me to improve at what I do each day. Whether I function as a hospitalist, a primary care provider, or simply a good Samaritan, I will always strive constantly for improvement and will. I will dedicate myself to serving those in need in my community. I am confident that my clinical and volunteer experiences have prepared me to distinguish myself in IM.

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A pleasant, attentive, and compassionate essence has guided me in building meaningful interpersonal relationships crucial to successfully practicing medicine. My extensive experience with patients during my clinical and volunteer experiences has given me a chance to cultivate the ability to communicate and relate to patients from many diverse backgrounds. I especially enjoy coordinating patient care with colleagues and other specialists, consistently prioritizing the patient's well-being - requiring diligence, advocacy, and teamwork at the highest level of proficiency.

Thank you for considering my application to your Internal Medicine Residency Program.

IMG Internal Medicine Residency Personal Statement


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