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Fulbright Scholarship Personal Purpose Statement Help

Updated: Jan 19

I want to study in the USA because I see America as the world’s foremost source of emerging technology. I hope to be selected for a Fulbright Scholarship based on my intense passion for making the world safer and more secure through emergent technology in information security. A young Polish man who could not be more devoted to computer science and information technology, I am most excited about the prospect of giving my professional life to the cause of keeping personal data private, potentially helping safeguard the integrity and security of all who live on our interconnected planet. I see promise in Blockchain technology and hope to be honored to devote myself to complete immersion in research in this area. Now referred to as “Blockchain,” this novel technology represents an emerging innovation with great promise. This is why giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Walmart are backing research into applications for Blockchain. I hope to contribute to unlocking what I see as the enormous potential of Blockchain by completing a master's degree in computer science in the USA. I see this as the best way to fully prepare myself for a career dedicated to protecting the personal data of Internet users.

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Fullbright Scholarship Personal Statement

Blockchain is integral to some of the world's most advanced communication

and data systems. However, its rapid growth and acceptance have presented challenges concerning the details of its adoption in many parts of the world. In Poland, for example, the adoption of this innovation is hampered by a lack of understanding of the technical issues involved, particularly on the part of legislators. Some of these issues involve absurdly high taxes on crypto-currency trading (1% per transaction), coupled with a lack of legal definition and restrictions on exchanges, which often result in companies' emigration rather than resolving their issues in Poland.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Fullbright Scholarship Personal Statement

I hope that my application will be looked on with favor because of my quest to help not only my native Poland to take full advantage of Blockchain but the rest of the world as well; all of us who are lagging behind the Silicon Valley in our ability to adapt to and take advantage of technological advancement in data and communication. As I see it, it is essential for Poland, like other Eastern European countries, to catch up to Western Europe and the United States in technological development. My long-term goals are in this area, stimulating investment that will fuel IT advancement in my part of the world, which has fallen behind the rest of the Developed World. I could not be happier to give my professional life to helping people exercise and maintain more significant control over their data and how it is used. I find myself extremely excited about the prospect of helping people to recover and safeguard their privacy through the implementation of a public, distributed ledger that serves to define a protocol, enabling Blockchain to function as a privacy control verification system so that people can rest assured that their data is only being shared by their wishes. Blockchain is a true godsend for cyber security because, for the first time, we have a way to control the processing of personal data and the revocation of access without having to depend upon a third party. The use of smart contracts will also make it possible to grant and revoke approvals to process users’ data.

I hope to write a master's thesis on Blockchain and publish it open-source - available to everyone, increasing invaluable information that will stimulate economic development and the free flow of information worldwide. This emerging technological revolution needs leaders with solid theoretical backgrounds who can combine an academic approach with the spirit of entrepreneurship. I intend to be one of these leaders, and earning my Master's Degree in Computer Science is vital to realizing my long-term goals.

Abandoned by my father at the age of eight, growing up struggling to help my mother care for my little brother and sister instilled a great determination to succeed and have a dignified life. I pursue my goals tirelessly and with great discipline and focus. This is especially true concerning attracting investors to my startup, as I did in San Francisco a few months ago, rubbing elbows with executives representing Y Combinator, one of Silicon Valley’s foremost investment funds.

Thank you for considering my application for a Fulbright Scholarship.

Fulbright Scholarship Personal Purpose Statement


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