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MS Health Administration Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Jan 19

I am an experienced and well-qualified physician raised in India. I have worked both in India and in the US as a doctor and in America also as an Assistant Medical Director in healthcare administration. I know it is unusual for a practicing physician to apply for this program. Naturally, I am not abandoning a medical career without much thought. I am convinced that my professional experience here and in India provides an excellent basis for me to add considerable value to the specialty of Health Administration and will enable me to play a part in solving problems related to the provision of timely and effective healthcare on a universal basis. I am seeking to maximize my utility in the field of healthcare provision and am convinced that the program will equip me to do so. Thus, I hope to be accepted to the master's degree Program in Health Administration at XXXX University.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MS Health Administration Statement of Purpose

I have raised the elder of two daughters in comfortable circumstances. Happily, and unusually, I was not subject, within my family, to the educational and professional limitations because of my gender that many of my friends experienced within theirs. Outside of my family environment, I suffered the severe impact of discrimination common in a strongly patriarchal society. It is a measure of my determination and hard work that I qualified, practiced, and gained professional respect within that society. I have also been left with an understandable sense of grievance and a determination to do all I can to improve this situation.

I needed to work harder than my male peers to ‘prove myself,' This has had the fortunate side-effect of increasing my natural diligence and enthusiasm in undertaking my duties, whether studying, working, or in my private life. I always work to excel rather than merely succeed, and I intend to apply this to the program.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MS Health Administration Personal Statement

I was raised to see my relative privilege as providing opportunities to help those less fortunate, and I have always sought to do so. It is an unavoidable part of life in India to be aware of deprivation, and this affected me, my career, and other choices. I chose to undertake voluntary work as a medical student in a Female Health and Family Planning Clinic. This, together with my experience as a physician in India and even here in the US, has made me sensitive to failures and problems in healthcare provision and a passionate desire to be part of the solution.

I am regarded as reliable, hard-working, friendly, and outgoing. I collaborate readily with others to achieve common goals and enjoy being a team member who is also ready to exercise leadership when called upon. My background will assure readers that I am academically capable and equipped to excel in your highly challenging program.

Thank you for considering my application to Health Administration at XXXX University.

MS Health Administration Personal Purpose Statement


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