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Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology Personal Statement, Saudi

Updated: Oct 16

In my experience, only some people find a profession that enables them to apply their natural skills and satisfies their highest aspirations. Pediatric cardiology has provided me with this combination, and I feel blessed. Since the first time I used a stethoscope during clinical rotations, I have been especially fascinated with those subtle sounds of the heart that allow us to discern and identify structural pathologies. I quickly developed a perfect ‘ear’ for the clues those sounds provide and knew I would seek a future in cardiology. My interest in treating child heart patients was fired towards the end of my training and matured during the internship. A sick, dependent, and vulnerable little patient with parents wearing anxiety-filled faces provides a uniquely heart-rending scene. I know that not every physician can handle the substantial emotional component that is involved in exclusively treating extremely sick children. However, I was confident that I could and could not see a better way to live my life than to do so. Because of my exceptional results, I was given a choice scholarship and had no hesitation in choosing pediatric cardiology.

Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, Saudi
Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology Personal Statement

In 2007, I began work in the Pediatrics Department of the King Abdul Aziz University Hospital in Jeddah and subsequently joined the Saudi Training Board of Pediatrics. I was the only one in my class to pass the MRC Pech final exam in 2010, one year ahead of schedule. The setting was a busy teaching hospital near the entry port for thousands of Hajj pilgrims. Consequently, my residency exposed me to an astonishing variety of cases and provided an ideal learning environment. I discovered, to my delight, that ‘preterm’ in exceptional care units do not break if touched. I also learned to quietly absorb the angry bewilderment of a father who knew that one of the side effects of chemotherapy for leukemia was a cardio-toxic one that resulted in an ejection fraction of 13% in a country where cardiac transplant programs are not available. This experience has been of enormous value in my professional and personal development.

I have also been involved in teaching and enjoy sharing my knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm. The look of a student who has finally understood the point is uniquely satisfying. My research interests are pulmonary hypertension and molecular cardiology.

Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, Saudi
Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology Personal Statement Editing Service

I am very aware of the need for cultural sensitivity in healthcare. Though born in Saudi Arabia, I lived in the United States for eight years during my childhood and look forward to returning. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

My goals are to broaden my knowledge and skills in a highly challenging program, undertake meaningful research and return to my country and launch a comprehensive cardiology program that includes electrophysiology service and cardiac transplant.

Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology Personal Statement

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