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Fellowship Pediatric Emergency, Research into Bullying, Iranian Doctor Personal Statement Example

Updated: May 17

Currently a Fellow in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Florida’s College of Medicine in Jacksonville, I appreciate very much the opportunities that I have been enjoying in the advancement of my career so far, especially in light of the fact that I am from a Third World country and fully understand the great value of medicine in light of the misery that surrounded me growing up, among those without adequate health education or medical attention. Even as a young person myself, the misery that I saw around me growing up in Iran impacted me most in the case of young people, children and adolescents. I look back on the children that I played with in Iran, and our neighbors, and children of marginalized social classes generally speaking in a Third World country like Iran, and I grieve. This has inspired me to take a special interest as an Emergency Medicine doctor in your people, and I have been learning as much as possible, in particular, these last few years about the challenges faced by adolescents, as much with respect to psychological as well as physical challenges, and the way that they are so often intertwined. I hope to make my mark in the area of detection and treatment of victims of bullying as well as abuse.

My great passion for the health of children led me to focus on Pediatric Medicine early on, and, prior to my current Fellowship position in Florida, I completed a Pediatric Residency at the Medical Center of Central Georgia at XXXX University. There, I had an opportunity to fully master the fundamentals of Pediatrics, primarily by long hours spent joyfully on the front lines of patient care. Thus, during this experience, I realized that I very much wanted to compliment this intensive clinical experience with research in Pediatrics, so I applied to and was accepted to my current position fellowship position at the University of Florida in Jacksonville. I have learned a great deal about medical research and statistics over the course of the past three years. Now, when I read a journal article, I grasp it much faster than before, and I better understand its relevance for the improvement of medical practice.

As I learned from fine physicians in medical school, I became increasingly fond of the expression best translated from Farsi as “see one, do one, and teach one.” I observed everything intensively with focus. I excelled during residency, comfortable and confident, exemplary in fact, since I was selected to teach as well as practice. My special highlight was receiving the Pediatric Clerkship Resident Teaching Award at XXXX University School of Medicine 2012-2013. Teaching and supervising not only residents but also medical students and Physician Assistants for a very large ER with Pediatric as well as emergency residents. I have also had the privilege of teaching in a prehospital setting, at the fire rescue station. I find that the more autonomy that I have, the more creative and productive I become and I look forward to a long professional lifetime of engagement with my field on an academic level.

My first major research focus as a fellow dealt with a cluster of 4 pediatric asthma patient deaths in the Emergency Department in a 5-month period. I was, of course, horrified, and this project occupied my soul as no question had ever before throughout my lengthy, detailed, and documented report of poor compliance with medication and lack of primary physician follow up.

My second scholarly project is an IRB approved bullying screening for the pediatric emergency department. I became familiar with and most interested in this topic through my mentor, Dr. XXXX who is the president of the Florida chapter of the AAP.

As of now there is no routine screening for bullying in the pediatric emergency department; however, Dr.XXXX has published a paper with some suggestions for screening tools and the role of pediatric emergency physician in identifying victims of bullying. I have spent a great deal of time requesting providers, in person as well as electronically, to participate in the study and to screen eligible patients during the study period. Throughout the course of my work on behalf of the bullying project, I have found myself increasingly focusing on adolescent medicine – especially with respect to the psychosocial aspects of their lives and the particularly great emotional needs that arise during this sensitive age. Recognizing red flags for bullying can help serve to prevent it, educating patients and families about bullying and its consequences.

My work to address the problem of bullying and how to detect it has helped me to develop my leadership skills, to be more responsible, prioritize and organize myself so as to complete the study on time. After fellowship I am more interested in working in an academic setting. Helping patients to regain their health is joyful. I think this process is even more rewarding if I have a chance to teach students, residents and fellows. Another great experience during fellowship was participating in quality improvement projects. I also participated in educating pediatric residents in the simulation lab during their Pediatric Emergency rotations.

My grandmother dedicated her life to serve others. She built hospitals, a school and a library. Therefore, proving compassionate care for my patients is my second nature which was acknowledged by my receipt of the Strawberry Award for Excellence in Patient Care in 2012. I have always wanted to contribute to the betterment of children’s lives and I chose Pediatric Emergency because I see it as at the same time the most challenging and the most rewarding.

I thank you for considering my application to the XXXX Fellowship Program in Pediatric Emergency.

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