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Fellowship Pediatric Genetics Personal Statement, Foreign Doctor

Updated: May 9

I would like very much to be considered for a fellowship position in pediatric genetics. I chose to become a pediatrician because I am especially interested in doing research in the areas of genetics and inherited diseases, as well as stem cell research. I also hope to become certified by American boards in pediatrics and genetics.I completed an intensive summer training program during my second year of medical school. I also had the invaluable privilege of being a presenter of a health awareness campaign during my fourth year, while doing my rotations in family medicine.

My project was directed at young adults in high school and toward the need for greater awareness concerning skin diseases, how to prevent them, and their psychological effects. Throughout the course of my one-year internship in medicine, I did rotations in surgery, pediatrics, ER, pathology, and Ob/Gyn. Next, I completed a one-year residency position in pediatrics and served as a teaching assistant in this area. I came to the US to study on a scholarship and have finished steps one and two of the USMLEs.

Fellowship Pediatric Genetics, Foreign Doctor
Fellowship Pediatric Genetics Personal Statement Sample

My long-term goal is to become a consultant and professor in pediatric genetics. I want to pursue a career in academic teaching because I love leading group discussions and teaching students and interns. I want to be accepted to your program because it is the best opportunity to excel in my field and realize my long-term ambitions.

Thank you for considering my application.

Fellowship Pediatric Genetics Personal Statement


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