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Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement Example, IM Resident with Surgery Training

Updated: May 15

Cardiology Fellowship, Indian in California, IM Resident with Surgery Training
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An Indian American born and raised in California, I have now studied and practiced medicine in three of the four most significant urban areas in the USA. Having come to love Medicine very much for the last few years, increasingly, the focus of my passion has been Cardiology. I hope to be selected for a fellowship program in Cardiology since I have been moving in this direction for some time now, becoming well-versed in bedside procedures and relationship development with patients, many if not most with cardiological issues usually part of a complex of issues and symptoms. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to complete a full year of additional training in surgery before beginning my current position as an IM resident at ____ University, ___Campus. Here at ____, I have completed four months of inpatient cardiology, one month of interventional cardiology, a month of interventional radiology, and two months of vascular surgery. I also have almost two years of experience doing structural heart research with colleagues at top institutions.

Cardiology Fellowship, Indian in California, IM Resident with Surgery Training
Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement Samples

My earliest memory of wanting to become a doctor and having a particular interest in the heart's function was in the 6th grade. Throughout medical school, I grew increasingly passionate about the heart, thus feeling driven to Cardiology as my medical specialty. My particularly keen desire to learn all that I could about invasive cardiology further blossomed throughout my time doing clinical research in structural heart disease at ____ under the guidance of Raj Makkar. Witnessing the vast, rapid clinical improvement resulting from mitral vs. surgical valve replacement was most inspiring and empowering. Nothing excites me more than our struggle to make interventional heart surgery less invasive. I serve on our IM program’s Evaluation Committee as well as our Covid-19 Task Force, continuing to develop my leadership skills, particularly concerning education. My background in cardiac physiology, considerable experience in inpatient cardiology, and passion for clinical research will enable me to hit the ground running and excel in a fellowship program. I look forward to helping with clinical trials that hopefully bring new therapies that reduce morbidity and mortality in patients with structural heart disease. I also look forward to performing procedures such as percutaneous coronary interventions that can provide immediate relief. I am so passionate about this area of medicine that I daydream about spending long hours in the catheterization lab.

Cardiology Fellowship, Indian in California, IM Resident with Surgery Training
Sample Personal Statement for Cardiology Fellowship

My family is from India, and I completed part of my undergraduate studies there. I remain forever sobered and determined by the misery I witnessed in India resulting from the lack of access to medical care for hundreds of millions. At some point in my career, I want to gear up to make my maximum contribution to Cardiology in India and America, helping make technology and education more accessible. I daydream of establishing a medical mission in my parents’ old neighborhood in Malak Pet, Telangana, helping to set up infrastructure for the local communities to improve healthcare delivery. Most of all, I look forward to decades devoted to clinical research in transcatheter mitral and tricuspid valve replacement. It will be a special honor and privilege to help render open heart surgery outdated. My goal is to become a leading invasive cardiologist affiliated with a top heart institute on the vanguard of innovative transcatheter therapies.

Thank you for considering my application.

Cardiology Fellowship Personal Statement Example


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