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Master's Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal Statement

Updated: Jul 1

I hope very much to be selected to earn the master's degree in nutrition and dietetics at XXXX University. I currently earn my living in management and sales and the excellence of my work has been recognized by being chosen to participate in JPMorgan’s ASCEND Program, geared to facilitate the promotion of top performers in corporate management. This is not, however, where my heart is. Since adolescence, I have had a great passion for nutrition and health, reading widely in this area for a long time, especially over the course of the last several years.

Master Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal
Master Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal Statement Examples

Born and raised in Venezuela, I landed in Miami at the age of seventeen and by twenty-five I had realized my dream of moving to New York City. I remain close by in New Jersey where I live with my children and a supportive husband. I take pride in my celebration of diversity, and I am confident that it will help me to excel as a nutrition professional. I have explored much of Colombia, Peru, Argentina, and especially Brazil, along with my Brazilian husband.

I have also visited the Caribbean, Central America, Canada, parts of Western Europe, and Southeast Asia. XXXX is my first choice among graduate programs in Nutrition for a variety of reasons; the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that your location is ideal, allowing me to give my all to graduate school without having to neglect my family or professional responsibilities. Also fluent in Portuguese because of marrying a Brazilian man, I thrive on the diversity for which XXXX is noted.

Master Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal
Master Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal Statement

As my reading in Nutrition and health broadens and my understanding deepens, I find myself learning increasingly about the basic sciences and the theoretical and applied aspects of nutrition and dietetics; as well as the critical need to educate the public on appropriate food and lifestyle choices that optimize health and prevent disease.

Most relevant to my plans for the future is the fact that I also work as a life coach on my website (, helping “on-the-go” professional women to take control of their health and regain confidence and energy through lifestyle changes, especially the transformation of their diet to heal and maintain the highest possible level of functioning of the digestive system.

Master's degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal
Master Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal Statement Editing Service

I especially look forward to obtaining clinical experience through supervised practice in the program at XXXX University, leading to eligibility for the CDR exam to become a registered dietitian. In this way I will be able to complete my transition from businessperson to full-time nutrition professional, giving my all to the science of diet 24/7 - for the balance of my professional lifetime.

Eventually, I look forward to starting my own practice in Nutrition/RD geared towards my long-term mission of helping to reduce obesity and all the health maladies that accompany that scourge on our society. I want to help reduce obesity in teenagers from undeserved communities through nutrition education and lifestyle change.

I see the creation and promotion of my web site as a permanent, lifetime endeavor, and within time I look forward to travelling broadly, building solidary and raising consciousness in all my languages about Nutrition, lifestyle choices, and diet – networking in all these areas. I will continue to cultivate a special focus on the implementation of nutrition education programs devoted to helping obese teenagers to reduce, by partnering with farmers, food banks and other NGOs, and government intuitions.

Earning my master's will help me to make Little by Little ( a top choice for "on-the-go" women seeking to heal their digestive maladies - little by little. I want to provide women with full, holistic perspectives concerning their health needs and challenges, partnering with doctors and other practitioners, changing the way our current health system works, implementing lasting and sustainable change for my clients.

Volunteer work has always been central to my life. An active member of the Police Athlete League, I give presentations as a “Woman of Inspiration” for the Girl Talk Program on health and lifestyle, mostly to teenage girls from undeserved communities. I also volunteer with Achilles International – helping to find running partners for people with disabilities.

Thank you for considering my application to the master's in nutrition and Dietetics Program at XXXX.

Master's Degree Nutrition and Dietetics Personal Statement


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