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Statistics Master's Degree, Statistical Mathematics, Capital Public Investment

Updated: Jul 31

My undergraduate major was Electronics Engineering Technology, and I earned a GPA of 3.92/4.00 and was the recipient of various awards and honors. My academic career has been marked by achievement and recognition, which provides evidence of my significant potential to excel within the program. I have not studied Statistics previously, but I excelled in Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Statistical Mathematics and experienced a growing interest in Statistics as a specialty during my studies. My interest developed as I understood how Statistics affect every aspect of business, government, and people’s lives and well-being. I also began to appreciate that an excellent statistician possesses, along with technical skills and knowledge, ‘artistic’ intuitive and interpretative skills of a high order, and the ability to think creatively and look beyond the superficial.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Statistics Master's Degree, Statistical Mathematics

I am particularly interested in capital public investment and its impact on economic growth and private investments in developing countries. I hope to assist in research in these areas. Opportunities to study Statistics at the Master’s level are very restricted in my home country, even though there is a strong demand and need for specialists in a thriving and expanding economy. So, I am seeking to do so abroad. I am also hoping to assist in developing statistical studies in the UAE. The Statistics Program at XXXX is of particular interest to me because of its high ranking in the subject, the prestigious faculty, and the flexibility and options offered within the program. A degree in this field creates opportunities for further studies and analytics in various areas I hope to explore.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Statistical Mathematics Statement of Purpose

Skilled in Math with an impressive academic record, I have the passion characteristic of the best work in my field. I am a diligent and enthusiastic student with the potential and determination to excel within the program.

Thank you for considering my application to Statistics at XXXX.

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