Salvadoran Woman, MPA, Bilingual Spanish/English, BA Degree in Global Affairs

Like most young people, it was always my hope to ‘make a difference’ rather than just make a living. I pondered for some time as to how I might turn my hope into reality and realized that my interest in politics and how policies are established and implemented might be a route to improving the world around me. I am from an immigrant family, of limited financial means, from San Salvador and my journey to the point of this application has involved some sacrifices and challenges both for my family and myself but I have reached this point and am very proud of having done so. I am a friendly, outgoing and confident person and have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many social and cultural backgrounds. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing knowledge of my own rich heritage. I am bi-lingual in Spanish and English and hope that it might be possible to apply my knowledge and love of the Spanish language in my future career.

I hold a bachelor degree in Global affairs from XXU, awarded in 2017 and my goal now is to acquire the high-level skills and knowledge in Public Administration from participation in the Master’s program that will enable me to play my part in making the world a safer and better place. My particular interests lie in the areas of Immigration and in budgeting. I hope to pursue one of these specialties in my future career, perhaps in Homeland Security or an NGO and, ideally, to find a role requiring expertise in both.

I migrated to the US with my family at the age of 15. My parents were hard workers who valued education highly because of their own lack of educational opportunity. I was encouraged to take full advantage of those opportunities open to me and taught that diligence combined with determination was a reliable route to success in any sphere. My enthusiasm and hard work bore fruit when I was awarded a full year scholarship for my first year in college by a program focused on students demonstrating leadership qualities and especially those striving for success in the face of challenging financial circumstances. My hard work has also been recognized by the award of a scholarship to travel to Italy for a winter study program in 2016 and inclusion on the Dean’s list in my last semester of my bachelor degree studies.

I have always sought to acquire leadership experience and enjoy roles that call for organizing and co-ordinating team activities and efforts. I was appointed to act as Special Events Co-ordinator at the GMU Science and Technology campus, Manassas. I thoroughly enjoyed my role and organized several successful events.

I was honoured, during my undergraduate program, to have been given the opportunity to intern at the US House of Representatives as a Legislative Assistant. I was determined to be useful as possible and and to acquire as much experience as I could. I was involved in projects relating to public affairs and budgeting and found the whole experience to be both rewarding and fascinating. It certainly fully confirmed me in my academic and career choices. I value the award of the internship and the scholarships and awards as recognition of my enthusiasm, hard work and academic potential which will be fully applied in my future studies and career.

I am applying to the XXU Master’s program because of the highly positive experience of my undergraduate program. I found the academic environment to be highly challenging but supportive and am obviously aware of the department’s international reputation for innovative research and the high value placed in alumni by potential employers.

I realize that creativity, an analytical mind, determination and the ability to engage exceptionally well with others, are essential in those, such as myself, who seek to make a difference in the world and I believe that these characteristics overlap to a great extent with those called for in an effective researcher. I look forward to assisting in research and in developing those characteristics while assisting in adding to the sum of knowledge of effective Public Administration.

I hold a bachelor degree in a directly relevant area of study to that of the program and have excelled within it and I have demonstrated leadership, enthusiasm and diligence in my academic career and extra-curricular activities to date. However, my main recommendation is my passion for this area of study and my determination to apply all myself fully to the program for my personal fulfilment, to add lustre to the considerable reputation of the school and to provide my future employer with a genuine asset in implementing policies to improve society.

Thank you for considering my application.

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