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Real Estate Master's Personal Purpose Statement, African, MENA, Dubai

Updated: Apr 29

XXXX University’s Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate is my first choice among graduate programs because it represents the most solid foundation and thoroughgoing immersion experience possible in the areas of Real Estate Studies. I seek the total level of expertise. At XXXX, I will be given advanced preparation that will enable and inspire me to excel with the flexibility that I crave, able to compete in any real estate market.

I crave a blend of case studies and practical, hands-on application of what I am learning, as XXXX makes possible. A Nigerian woman who has lived in five major cities, including London, New York, Dubai, Lagos, and now Washington D.C., my fascination for real estate has followed me at every step, and I have been most attentive to business and real estate developments for some time now: reading widely in this area since adolescence.

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Real Estate Statement of Purpose

Having recently earned my bachelor's degree in international business and real Estate at the XXXX School of Business, I have fallen in love with D.C. and hope to be able to stay here for graduate school as well. I feel strongly that studying Real Estate at XXXX has provided me with a solid academic foundation for studying Real Estate at the graduate level. I have demonstrated my ability to succeed in courses at the graduate level. I am incredibly well-versed in Finance and hope to continue to make strides in this special sub-area of our field. The pandemic was already on the horizon as I finished my undergraduate coursework. It provided the impetus for a wave of creative thinking, some of which I have been able to translate into compelling theoretical reflection on the challenges presented to the world financial system by this unprecedented crisis, especially for Africa and, most specifically, for Nigeria, the land of my family and cultural origins.

As I grew up in Dubai, I witnessed first-hand and up-close a city undergoing rapid, unprecedented development at lightning speed. This was the original spark of my passion for Real Estate; mesmerized and enamored with the vast structures around me, some of the tallest and most sophisticated buildings. During these formative years, when I was not in the UAE, I was in the UK, where I also took note of developments in real estate finance and markets.

I look forward to helping design real estate development models specifically tailored to the needs of developing countries. I have always felt a strong connection to Nigeria since it is home to my family, and I hope to contribute to essential improvements in standards of living in Africa especially Nigeria, where there is an explosive demand for infrastructure, basic services, and housing in ever-expanding urban centers. Nigeria is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Africa faces challenges for generations to come that are overwhelming. The real estate professional will be charged with finding answers to thorny questions as the dark clouds on the horizon of our world economy become increasingly felt. I want to stand up and do what I can to soften the blow, especially for those I identify as my people.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Real Estate Master's Personal Statement of Purpose Samples

My experience at the U.S. Department of Commerce, serving as an International Trade Assistant, allowed me to work with trade professionals from over one hundred countries, helping small-to-medium-sized U.S. companies get started with the exportation process and eventually increase sales to new global markets. I was explicitly tasked with Market Intelligence and Business Matchmaking in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. I seek a lifetime specialization as a global finance professional in this area. This position helped me better appreciate the importance of understanding clients' unique needs, working collaboratively within a team, and communicating ideas effectively.

Currently working for a boutique commercial real estate consultancy firm, the XXXX Group International, I fully understand the benefits and challenges of being an entrepreneur. As an analyst, I drafted a pitchbook for a real estate fund managed by Stoddard Group to be presented to potential investors. I have communicated with crucial development finance institutions to secure project financing in emerging markets like India, Cambodia, and Turkey. I have been enjoying many opportunities to witness buy-side transactions and working closely with our corporate client to identify critical risks and opportunities in the acquisition, analyzing financial track records and the projected performance of firms.

XXXX University is a natural choice for me since it has one of the most extensive real estate programs in the D.C. area and is one of the finest in the country. I hope to become part of a broad network of partner organizations and professional groups, taking full advantage of opportunities for mentoring, internships, and additional resources that will help me connect. I appreciate how the diversity of the student body at XXXX contributes to an enriching and engaging classroom experience, and I thank you for considering my application to Real Estate at XXXX.

Real Estate Master's Personal Purpose Statement


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