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Master's Real Estate Development and Design

Updated: Apr 26

The MS in real estate development Program + Design at XXXX is my first choice among master's programs because of its sheer quality, reputation, and location. I hope to be selected based on my passion and record of accomplishment, with Real Estate long playing a highly active role in my life. I could not be more highly motivated to excellence in Real Estate, my studies, giving my all, and preparing myself to make my maximum contribution over the balance of my professional life. The high intellectual creativity among the student body at XXXX worldwide inspires me. I look forward to learning from my peers, faculty, and the numerous guest speakers in related areas of critical importance for Real Estate Development and Design that come to XXXX and surrounding institutions.

I see Real Estate Development + Design at XXXX as the optimal springboard to take me as far as possible in my career, making my mark as a leader in the real estate industry. XXXX is the ultimate university to develop the skill set, knowledge base, and professional network I seek to build. Earning my professional degree from XXXX will help me succeed in every way and make rapid progress once I graduate toward my central professional goal of owning my own real estate business. Liberal, progressive, innovative, and state-of-the-art, XXXX is and will remain a significant player in the re-design of our planet if all goes well. Life will go on in increasingly sustainable and even more equitable ways. Your program's very existence is one reason why I have hope in this regard. I see XXXX as the flagship university concerning everything green, sustainable, renewable, and creative, especially in architecture and design, in addition to Real Estate Development.

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Statement of Purpose Master's Real Estate Development, Design

The master's in real estate development + design from XXXX is a perfect fit with my keen desire to make significant contributions to the development and enhancement of communities. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had the desire to build and create. Whether assembling a skyscraper out of Lego bricks or designing a sandcastle at the beach, I’ve always been driven to make something out of nothing. The tangible nature of real estate has captured my imagination and incited my interest, causing me to read widely in the area, especially as it concerns design, my second passion. I seek a comprehensive and well-balanced understanding of the multiple facets of development. The diverse curriculum of XXXX’s MRED+D program will exponentially strengthen my range and depth of knowledge. The design emphasis of XXXX’s program is beautiful and removes any doubt in my mind that XXXX is indeed my first choice, and I will most definitely attend your program if selected.

Since my family is in the shopping center development business, I do not remember when real estate was not part of our family life, when it was not talked about, constantly generating a lot of excitement. I went on my first project site tour at the age of eight. Growing up, many of our family dinner conversations involved deal terms, entitlements, project updates, and various facets entailed in building and operating businesses. Growing up, in many of our family dinner conversations, I thought long and hard about every significant family transaction and, on my terms, asked myself, “How could I approach this my way?”

You will have applicants with higher GPAs; at times off to a rocky start; I did increasingly well in my studies toward the bachelor's degree in finance with a Real Estate concentration and graduated from XXXX University in 2016. I take pride in how hard I worked in and out of school, building my career in real estate and exploring my interest in fine arts and design simultaneously. My hard work paid off in two incredible internship opportunities. I gained exposure to retail tenant and landlord representation, land acquisition, development, redevelopment, and management, alongside construction and design. I saw firsthand and up close the relationship between what I was learning in the classroom and how it was applied in the real world.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Statement of Purpose Real Estate Development, Design

After graduation, I was offered my current position with the XXXX Group, nationally recognized for its aggressive, dynamic, and inspiring approach to the development of Los Angeles. My work with them has thus been central to my professional identity formation. It has fueled my enthusiasm for the potential of urban infill, adaptive reuse, sustainable architecture, and mixed-use developments.

I work closely with the executive team and principals to identify, assess, and develop retail merchandising strategies. Using my knowledge of the local markets, I source, negotiate, and execute retail lease transactions with national and independent retailers and restaurants. In addition to the extensive leasing and development experience that I’ve gained at XXXX, I have also demonstrated my ability to take the initiative. I learn quickly and constantly multitask to the max, assuming a leadership role with various projects involving asset classes, risk profiles, and numerous distinct geographic locations. My experience at XXXX has been most challenging and rewarding. I have enjoyed working with a group of sharp, driven professionals who collaborate and push each other daily to accomplish a common goal. Professionally, I have grown enormously in a brief time. Now a successful real estate leasing professional, I want much more.

I fully trust that the master's in real estate development + design program at XXXX is ideal for broadening my horizons and energizing my determination, providing excellent guidance and creative inspiration, and helping me achieve my central career goals.

Thank you for considering my application.

Master's Real Estate Development and Design


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