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Real Estate Development Masters Personal Purpose

Updated: Apr 24

It would be a special honor for me to attend the master's degree program in Real Estate Development at XXXX University. I will most definitely participate if selected for your distinguished and competitive program. It is not just the NYC location, with all the cultural, professional, and academic resources of the financial capital of the world, but the multidisciplinary character of your program, drawing upon art, business, and law, with global, holistic, and innovative perspectives on urban planning. I hope to become a successful, ‘human-centered’ leader with a vision for real estate development that results in the greater good of the community. Empathy and compassion for residents and developers need to translate into the creation of improved lifestyles, driving my keen interest in policymaking in real estate investment, particularly concerning China.

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Real Estate Development Masters Statement of Purpose

I grew up witnessing the rapid and complex changes taking place over my life growing up in China amidst unprecedented development in real estate. My mother was a single mom and a successful real estate agent whose life was hard. As the minor child of an absent mom, I learned how healthy families require economic stability in China and a dignified home.

As a real estate and finance professional, the loneliness of my childhood and the struggle that my mother had to endure has been transformed into a more general passion for urban planning in China that seeks to address the social and psychological needs of families. have been transformed into a broader force for urban planning in China that aims to address families' social and psychological needs Hundreds of millions of children in my country only see their parents briefly at Christmas time. Even if strides were made today to gradually restructure the economy and the development of cities and industry in such a way as to honor families – thereby keeping the future – this issue would still take multiple generations to resolve adequately. Since I hope to do extensive research on this issue as a graduate student, I feel that I am the best fit for the MRED program at Columbia, the program that I see not only as the most interdisciplinary but also the most global in perspective and mission, and the most humane in the sense of respect for fundamental human rights in the liberal tradition.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
Real Estate Development Masters Personal Statement

Communication as a second major helped me better understand the strategies driving mass media and their effects on consumers producers, and approaches to understanding people’s needs more generally. In the US alone since I was fourteen, traveling back and forth from China, I have observed many different city planning strategies, especially in China. In my junior year, I attained a full-time internship with the City of Hartford Department of Development and Services in the planning and zoning division, engaging in multiple, large-scale projects such as Parkville Food Market, the Hartford Shared Electric Bike Project, Bartholomew Avenue Streetscape as well as the I-84 highway reconstruction grand plan.

At XXXX, I want to design real estate that promotes family cohesion and the community's well-being in sustainable ways.

Real Estate Development Masters Personal Purpose


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