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Master's Real Estate Development + Design Statement

Updated: Apr 23

I hope to be accepted to what I see as the most progressive MRED program on the planet at XXXX because you concentrate on Environmental Design with a creative focus on sustainable, global development. With an undergraduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communication and a double minor in Business and Art, I am convinced that I have been focusing my energies on ways to help me excel in your program. I have also intensively studied interior design and project management, and I now have a decade of experience in my field, contributing to development in Qatar. I have been involved with land purchases, studying the market, developing land design and construction strategies, interior and furniture design and manufacturing, project management, marketing kits, advertising design, and acquiring financing from banks and other lenders.

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Coming from Qatar and planning a lengthy career focused primarily on my country's unique challenges, I am concerned primarily with construction challenges that arise for one dedicated to sustainable development in a scorching climate with limited water resources. I consider everything green to be something I want to learn about as much as possible, particularly regarding Real Estate Development, Architecture, Urban Planning, and Environmental Design. The unsurpassed quality of the education that I hope to attain at XXXX will prepare me for a professional lifetime, assuming leadership roles in my country to increase awareness of and implement environmentally friendly policies and initiatives for the Middle East, and Qatar in particular.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
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The implementation of environmentally friendly policies and initiatives for the Middle East and Gulf Region lags far behind that of the West. I hope to gain a more sophisticated understanding of the potential utility of AI for sustainable organic design for a green background. I seek lifelong professional advancement that helps my artistic capacity to grow and my entrepreneurial skills to advance in accordance with the circumstances of the time and location, particularly concerning less-developed areas in the Middle East. Large parts of the Gulf Region have been at war for some time. War rages now in Syria and Yemen, with Iraq undergoing massive social unrest and Lebanon threatening to become highly unstable. Saudi Arabia and Iran are now in an exceedingly grave if not unprecedented state of tension. Thus, I contemplate the need for intelligent design to help the region survive brutal wars lasting for extended periods, resulting in millions of refugees, some of whom remain without housing for decades.

For me, giving back to the planet and going green are both the future of sustainable business and a moral obligation. I am particularly passionate about the possibilities in 3D imaging for contributing to the sophistication and effectiveness of our industry worldwide. I look forward to serving as a role model for women in the Middle East whose presence remains limited in public life. I hope to serve on the board of a real estate development company or establish a company that distinguishes itself as a pioneer in Qatar's virtual real estate sales and management.

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, I also see Environmental Design and Real Estate Development as my social service to those in my society who face the most significant obstacles to living to the fullest. Foreign laborers, often referred to as guest workers, most Filipino, Indian, or Bangladeshi, represent the most marginalized segment of the population in my country and throughout the Gulf Region. Many of our guest workers from these countries live in substandard housing and face other obstacles to a life with dignity. I look forward to spending the balance of my life putting what I have learned at XXXX to work on their behalf, designing and implementing initiatives to improve the living conditions of our foreign nationals.

I am also most passionate about opportunities in my field to improve women's lives, especially single mothers. Thank you for considering my application to the MRED + D Program at XXXX University.

Master's Real Estate Development + Design Statement


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