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I hope to be selected for a Pathology residency program because of my great passion for the field; and my goal of dedicating my professional life to teaching and research in Pathology. Nothing else excites me as much as the kinds of breakthrough changes that are possible as a result of research in Pathology, sustainable, life-saving, health improvements resulting in potential benefit to millions of people. The opportunity bogles the mind and serving as an integral part of a research team in Pathology is the most noble quest that I can think of. I have felt this way for some time, which is why, after finishing medical school in India where I was born and raised, I also completed an advanced MD Degree in Pathology.

Research shall always stand at the very center of my professional future and I look forward with keen earnest to many decades to come giving all to investigation in Pathology, always in search of a refined understanding of the etiology of a disease or data that helps us enhance our ability to arrive at a correct prognosis. In the long-term, I also see myself working for one or more non-profit organizations. My ideal professional position would be as an investigator with the World Health Organization. Since 2017, I have been making a home with my husband, a dentist, in the USA, and I am happier than ever with the thought of continuing to advance in the practice of medicine, especially give so much advancement advancements in the science and technology that enables us to better understand the basis of human diseases. I began taking the USMLE examinations while still in India and I have passed Steps 1 and 2 on the first attempt and will soon be taking Step 3.

I distinctly remember the summer evening, when I had just finished my tenth, first’term examination and my whole family had gathered for a small festival known as Raksha Bandhan in India. My grandfather decided to read his diary and tell us about some of his more notable experiences. I listened with rapt attention as he recounted the loss of my aunt, his daughter, to Retinoblastoma, when she was only four years old. To this day I cannot forget his sad face while he told us how much he loved her. His loss was due at least in part to my family’s humble economic circumstances. This touched me deeply and I began to appreciate more fully the profound impact that an illness has on the entire family. That night I made my decision to study medicine. My parents were proud of my decision. They have been the greatest influence in my life. My mother put my education above her own career all along, and my father worked day and night to pay for my tuition. Because of them, I am someone who is driven by positive emotions and an ethic of service to the community, especially its less fortunate members. Practicing medicine and enhancing and expanding my knowledge base in Pathology makes me an extremely happy and contented person, sleeping well at night and always in a good mood, much of this because I simply adore my chosen area of specialization in medicine.

Since coming to the US, I have dedicated my time to the USMLE and gaining further exposure and experience by shadowing a Dr. XXXX. I also had the opportunity to volunteer in blood donation camps and health fares with the American Red Cross. I have long been dedicated as a volunteer in public health campaigns of one kind or another, back home in India as well as here in the USA. I continue to stay engaged with seminars on public health issues in India and look forward to expanding my volunteer activities here in America as well, as my career matures and progresses. Living in California is a blessing, with the excellent weather conditions and opportunities, both professional and personal. A pathology program in California would be my first choice since my husband is well established at UCXX.

I thank you for considering my application for your distinguished Residency Program in Pathology.

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