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Online MHA Program Technology Personal Purpose

The University of XXXX Online Master of Health Administration Program is my first choice among Online MHA Programs for a variety of reasons. I am drawn to Pennsylvania because I grew up there although I now live in North Carolina. I also appreciate the fact that your program is one of the first, fully accredited CAHME online programs and I see your curriculum as particularly appropriate for someone with my special interests: health promotion, healthcare information systems, and public/community health projects.

Online MHA Program Technology Personal
Online MHA Program Technology Personal Purpose Statement Examples, Help, Service

The fact that I earned a degree in medicine is probably both the strongest and weakest part of my application. While I failed at my goal of becoming a doctor, my studies and experiences in medicine will be of enormous value for the balance of my professional life as a health professional. While I was unsuccessful at earning a passing score on the USMLEs despite several attempts, I did come within a few points of passing; thus, I have a wealth of knowledge in medicine that will always serve me well as a hospital administrator.

My father was a Cardiologist, and I spent a lot of time in his clinic while I was growing up.

I grew up in fact shadowing my father, because we have always been close, and he always worked long hours as a doctor. He was my foremost inspiration and cheerleader. Recently he told me that I will become a first-rate health administrator. Now 32 years old and a businessperson, it has taken me a while to fully understand where my professional destiny lies. With the value of hindsight, I now better understand how the part that I appreciated most of all about the experience of being raised by a loving and fully engaged father who was also a doctor, were the patients, the people, the public relations, and business aspects of medical practice.

Online MHA Program Technology Personal
Online MHA Program Technology Personal Purpose Statement Samples, Help, Writing Service

My central long-term goal is to become the CEO of a hospital and in this way be able to make my maximum contribution to my community. My last two years have been spent fully immersed in the business world and this has helped me to better appreciate the fact that my greatest strengths lie in the area of administration, the coordination, inspiration, and management and people and teams, keeping them happy, organized, operating within budget; keeping channels of communication open, LISTENING, understanding, and finding common ground for compromise concerning priorities of team members.

My most relevant professional experience, that which has most prepared me for excellence in your MHA Program at the University of XXXX, are the 11 years that I spent in support of the (my father’s?) Cardiology Clinic in Danville, VA (2000-2011). In addition to being the EKG Technician on call 24/7, I managed the billing and coding as well as insurance. I ran and managed all our medical equipment, balancing, calibrating, and recording hemodynamic data, collecting data, educating patients, and maintaining their records in accordance with HIPAA.

Online MHA Program Technology Personal
Best Online MHA Program Technology Personal Purpose Statement Examples

In 2014 I decided to learn something new and vastly broaden my experience in the business world to prepare myself for a career in management. Thus, I began working at XXXX Sporting Goods, an area which I see as very much related to medicine as we increasingly come to better appreciate as doctors and health care workers the fundamental importance of exercise, and the health value of time spent exercising, especially outdoors.

It pleases me greatly to be earning money as a manager at the same time that the teams that I manage make important daily contributions to public health, helping people to get fit and thus radically reduce the chances of being stricken by a chronic disease, since exercise helps to prevent everything from diabetes to cancer.

The greatest single experience when I was abroad as a medical student was the opportunity to serve as a group leader among my peers in the organization of medical relief efforts for the underserved. I learned then that I was capable of tackling and solving a wide range of issues involved with the setting up of weekly clinics in many of the underserved communities on our Caribbean Island. I see hosting community events as of especially critical importance and look forward to always staying engaged in efforts to raise consciousness about issues in global medicine, supporting missions to less privileged parts of the world. The Caribbean will always be with me.

Thank you for considering my application to the University of XXXX.

Online MHA Program Technology Personal Purpose


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