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MRes Program, Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship, Chinese Applicant

Updated: Jan 3

The MRes Program in Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship at the XXXX University in London is my first choice for graduate school because of my profound admiration for your curriculum and the fact that I feel that I am the best fit with your program for a variety of reasons, including the location, taking advantage of the great resources of one of the world’s leading cities in every way, technology, science, culture, history, etc. A young Chinese woman fully in love with life, a student of biology, medicine, health, health care, and a great lover of all things natural, I seek harmony and the avoidance of intrusion. I look forward to giving my professional lifetime to designing medical devices that prolong and enhance the quality of human life. After gaining sufficient experience in my field working for corporations on the cutting edge of development in this area, I look forward to working with increasing independence.

I was born and raised on the outskirts of my city in China, in an area with lush, landscaped greenery, immersed in nursery gardens nestled among mountains, always in search of the real me, as part of rather than removed from nature. When I learned about the homologous genes of living things, I was amazed, curious, and already set on a course towards the intense study of Biology. I learned that my own most intense happiness and fulfillment could only be attained by reaching out, standing on the shoulders of the many great thinkers in Biology that have come before me in history. I love this sense of accumulated knowledge, making life at once more accessible and more powerful, with voluminous choices and opportunities, enabling me to see the starry sky of biology at its height.

I am somewhat troubled, however, by what I see as a certain asynchrony between the development of biological knowledge, on the one hand, and its application on the other. Thus, I seek to contribute to the building of a bridge between the Biological Sciences and the ‘real’ world, particularly with respect to my area of special interest, the biology of cell development. My studies so far have given me a comprehensive understanding of Biotechnology, especially with respect to microorganisms, plants, and animals - problem solving, data recording and phenomenon observation. Vb.NET and R Programming Language taught me how to retrieve information, apply database and improve efficiency. My dedication to real-world issues was demonstrated as an undergraduate student at the University of Birmingham with my study of the negative impact of land-use changes on terrestrial biodiversity. By 2016, I was spending long hours in Professor Liang’s lab doing microbiology research, col