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MPH Public Health Master´s Personal Purpose Statement

Updated: Apr 4

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My mother worked as a board-certified emergency doctor whose focus was on those who could not afford care. I was a volunteer for four years during High School, working on the mobile unit of the Memorial Regional Hospital. This background has made me very aware of the disparities in healthcare provision and the sad and sometimes fatal results of those disparities: it also made me determined to pursue a career in the healthcare field. In addition to the voluntary exposure, which made me so conscious of various problems in the provision of adequate and fair healthcare, I have witnessed several family members succumb to multiple cancers, and this has fired a particular interest in this disease and in doing what I can to reduce its incidence and its effects once diagnosed.

Since graduating, I have shadowed dedicated and skilled physicians, which has provided me insights into relating professionally and empathetically with those suffering distress and confusion. The death of a young cousin from brain cancer spurred me to bring my plans forward and make a start on the academic and professional path that will enable me to make the beneficial difference in the lives of others that I have wished to make since my early years. This application is the first and most vital step in that journey.

master's in public health Master’s in Public Health and pursue a medical degree to qualify as an Interventional Radiologist. I intend to concentrate on the area of cancer epidemiology as far as possible during the program, as cancer has affected many of those closest to me in my life. Now, I hope to play a part in its prevention and provide the means for early diagnosis and effective treatment where prevention fails.

My bachelor's degree is in Environmental Studies, with a minor in International Studies. I decided to study the environment because I was interested in determining the effect of external factors on health. This academic background forms an excellent basis for success in the master's program. I am passionately concerned about establishing and dealing with the reasons for the differences in health outcomes between races, and between the economically marginalized and higher-income populations, especially regarding cancers. Such disparities need to be investigated to establish causes and solutions. I hope to show how various environmental and societal factors affect health and health outcomes. I am also aware that, as the population ages, cancers will be more prevalent, which presents a further and growing challenge in healthcare education and provision. I know that ‘health consciousness’ among poor communities is much less apparent than in higher-income groups. Early detection and treatment are especially critical for improving outcomes. I hope to be involved in educational endeavors throughout my career.

I know that adequate research is the key to providing the answers needed to begin resolving the questions that interest me so passionately. I also understand that an interest in a subject is insufficient to enable a person to undertake effective research. I am a naturally intellectually curious person with the ability to think initially and creatively, and I am happy to collaborate with others to achieve a common goal. My achievements have called for the determination and single-mindedness required of a good researcher. I am keen to be involved in genuinely effective research that will enable real improvements in many lives. I would be particularly interested in assisting in research relating to the fact that African Americans suffer a significantly higher death rate from breast c than other races and establishing why this difference exists. Both my grandmothers died from this disease, and I would regard such work as a memorial to them and so many like them.

I lived with my paternal grandparents and father during most of my high school years. My father was severely addicted to drugs, and there was a great deal of disruption and distress in the home. However, in the face of this, I managed to graduate near the top of my class, demonstrating exceptional determination and diligence. I admit that my bachelor's degree GPA though good is not stellar; however, in the face of the need to supplement my scholarship funds by working part-time, I consider it to be creditable and a further confirmation of my willingness to work hard to achieve my goals.

Professional Personal Statement of Purpose Editing and Writing Service Examples
MPH Example, ER Doctor Mother as Role Model

I am an enthusiastic runner and enjoy working out in my spare time. I find intense physical activity to be an enjoyable way of relaxing and retaining good health. I am a native English speaker who can communicate in basic Spanish, and I intend to pursue the study of the language in the future as time and commitments allow. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend time abroad as part of my undergraduate studies and visit several European countries and Morocco. I thoroughly enjoyed this exposure to diverse cultures and people, and I hope to be able to travel widely in the future to gain an understanding of the public health policies of other nations and their outcomes and to establish the most effective means of dealing with health issues common to different countries and cultures.

I hold a relevant bachelor's degree, have proven to be a determined and diligent student, and have voluntary and intern experience pertinent to the program. However, my main recommendation is a genuinely passionate interest in Public Health and specifically Epidemiology, along with a deep desire to acquire the specialist knowledge, skills, and research experience to enable me to make a beneficial difference in the lives of minority and economically marginalized people.

Thank you for considering my application.

MPH Public Health Master´s Personal Purpose Statement


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